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Condor Cycles, London.

Condor Cycles, London.
Yes they "can". Proofide stockist extraordinaire Condor Cycles in London. Since its inception, only a handful of participants in our Dealers Of Excellence programme worldwide have even come close to attaining the maximum number of "rivets" Brooks can theoretically award to shops which tick a hefty requisite number of bicycling-related boxes. One such establishment is the globally renowned Condor Cycles in London. Condor is a byword in the English capital and beyond for expertise and quality where the bicycle is concerned. Condor Teams riding Condor frames have been winning events both on the track and on the road since the Sixties, and the Condor reputation has never faltered among the cognoscenti over that time. Their premises on Gray's Inn Road manifests this truth daily (except on Sundays). Our shop has been a hub for pro riders, commuters, tourists, leisure cyclists and couriers for many years. We have a great deal of history and we have stocked Brooks products for every one of our 62 years trading. Condor Paris from Condor Cycles on Vimeo. Down the years, Condor has moved a few times but always retained an address on Gray's Inn Road in Clerkenwell, most recently in 1998 when they closed at 144 and opened up in Number 51. There has lately been a refurbishment. The new refurbished shop is bright, spacious and has plenty of lovely nice new kit on display to view and touch. Our aim is to be welcoming to every customer, whether spending a few pennies on spare nuts and bolts or thousands on the latest in technology. Hear Hear! Condor racing teams have hit winning ways again. Their track frames were ubiquitous in the 60's. Brooks has always been honoured to count Condor as one of its closest partners, a partnership based on a shared vision and common working philosophy. Condor Cycles is 62 years old, we have always built custom cycles for the most discerning customers. Brooks have been trading for much longer than us and we take our inspiration from them. They still produce to original designs because they work and the quality is as good as ever. We believe in similar values and we only make and sell products we believe in. For us, Brooks stands for history, quality and passion for all things cycling. photo courtesy www.henningheide.com (from English Cycle Style in Hamburg)   Well said, that man! Without wishing to turn things into a Mutual Admiration Society, a trip to the Condor shop is heartily recommended to anybody curious about the criteria which Brooks uses in order to dispense maximum "Rivets". And also to anybody who simply wishes to soak up the atmosphere of an iconic, unfinished chapter in the ongoing story of English cycling. Some of the Brooks range, always available on Gray's Inn Road.