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31 January 2011 No comments

CMWC 2010 in the Brooks Bugle

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CMWC 2010 in the Brooks Bugle
Andy Zalan, one of the organizers of last year's Cycle Messenger World Championships which took place this time out in Guatemala, has written a piece for the 2011 Brooks Bugle about the experience. There can be few forms of cycling, either recreational or professional, which make such demands on a rider's saddle as the noble art of package expediting, so it's always flattering to note how many working messengers swear by a Brooks. And at Guatemala in 2010, as at other World and European championships in previous years, Brooks was a proud sponsor. The 2010 instalment was certainly something of a departure, in terms of its location. Traditionally, since its beginnings in the early nineties, the CMWC has taken place one year in Europe, somewhere in North America the next, then back to Europe the following, and so on. The cities of Sydney and Tokyo have bucked this trend in recent times, so the next step, it seems, was taking the championships to somewhere more scenic, and in 2009 a bid to host the 2010 Championships in Panajachel, Guatemala was ratified. Heavy storms throughout the region in the days leading up to the event made access to Panajachel even trickier than it might normally have been for visitors. One hundred local families were left temporarily homeless. The freshly arrived couriers donated their time, their energy and their money to help in any way possible. And of course these things are all relative, but the catastrophic weather conditions also rather sadly put paid to plans for the resurrection of a Scalextric-style "Figure Eight" track race, last seen among bike messengers of Toronto in the late 1990's.
A fuller account of the proceedings, is, as we say, available from Andy in the 2011 Brooks Bugle, along with many other enthralling tales from the world of bicycular derring-do. Available at all Brooks stockists soon.