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15 May 2014 No comments

Brooks Retro Criterium Launches in 2014

Brooks Retro Criterium Launches in 2014
Throwing an Eroica-style event in your neck of the woods might prove a challenge if held up to the standards of the Retro Ronde, Anjou Velo Vintage, l'Eroica Britannia, or original event in Tuscany.  As unfortunately, stunning scenery, white gravel roads, or quaint Italian villages are not equally distributed around the world. Therefore, inspiration took hold last year as we witnessed the first retro criterium taking place at the Retro Ronde in Oudenaarde, Belgium.  And a spectacle it was - a chance to see the riders and really take in the bikes as they cruised around the town center lap after lap.   We thought it was such a great format that we wanted to try and get it going elsewhere, so we approached the organisers of the London Nocturne with the idea and they were on board right away. So now this year there are two events taking place a mere 4 hours and one week apart. If you would like to participate, spots at both events are limited, so register today! What is a Criterium? (courtesy Wikipedia) A Criterium is a bicycle race done on a closed circuit course usually of less than one mile.Race length can be determined by a number of laps or total time, in which case the number of remaining laps is calculated as the race progresses. Criteriums are relatively easy to organize, do not require a large amount of space, and are good for live spectators as they allow them to see the riders pass by many times.