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23 November 2012 No comments

Brooks On A Scott Hard Nine Chopper.

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Brooks On A Scott Hard Nine Chopper.

SCOTT - The H9C Project with Danny Schneider - Part 3 from world of freesports on Vimeo.

Bike company Scott have released the short film above to coincide with the completion of their H9C project. They became involved this year with autodidact Danny Schneider, founder and chief of Hard Nine Choppers on their mission to put a few stylish, custom twists to an e-bike. The Scott H9C is the fruit of their joint labors. Scott have been developing e-bikes in the recent past. With this project they wanted to maintain the levels of high functionality that they have achieved up until now, while placing added emphasis on a sleek, retro, chopper-y stripped-back look. Schneider's company came into being when a devastating accident put an end to his sporting career. He mastered some welding basics, learned-by-doing, and Hard Nine is now famed worldwide for the top performance its attention-grabbing creations deliver. Given that the Freestyle Motocross legend derives much inspiration for his motorized works from the look and culture of BMX, the match-up with Scott seemed from the start like a good fit. With lithium batteries still shrinking in size while their life-cycles improve, designers have better opportunities with each passing month, it seems, to fit their power source ever less obtrusively to the frame. The Scott H9C would appear in this regard to be state of the art, with its lithium cell hardly taking up the space of a bidon on the down tube. Overall, the bike seems to manage the neat trick of smoothly combining these new technologies with a frame and set of componentry and accessories that from a visual perspective owe more to "Timeless" than "Cutting Edge". Schneider has brought all of his aesthetic expertise to the table, although we reckon some decisions must have been easier than others. The Brooks Swift with matching Challenge Tool Bag and tape on seatpost and bars, for example. As you can see in the film, after building was complete, the Scott H9C took its maiden voyage on a velodrome not far from Schneider's workshop in Bern, Switzerland. Schneider's father, himself a keen cross discipline cyclist, was the lucky rider in the saddle. The H9C went down a proverbial storm at Eurobike this year, and is unlikely to be the last concept machine Scott develop with outside partners. We look forward to seeing what next comes off their drawing board, and hope that the sketches again feature Brooks in the vicinity of seat post, and elsewhere.