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14 March 2012 No comments

B(r)ooks. BikeSnobNYC drops "The Enlightened Cyclist".

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B(r)ooks. BikeSnobNYC drops "The Enlightened Cyclist".
"To the Victor belong the Spoils of the Enemy"- A familiar scene from the Mean Streets. It's undoubtedly nice to laze on the couch sometimes, and leaf through an outsize hardcover packed with glossy photographs of strangely shaped bicycles you can't afford. Which is just as well, because aside from the usually formulaic and self-serving pro rider autobiography, there doesn't tend to be much else available to people looking for a "bike book". Fortunately, this rule has its exceptions, and we expect to be having a gander through two of them fairly soon. Spring 2012 should be a bountiful season for fans of good cycling prose, as a couple of noteworthy tomes are scheduled for release in the coming months. One of them is by Eben Weiss, the renowned BikeSnobNYC, who over the past 5 years has successfully striven to provide readers of his blog with a statutory twelve daily laughs on the general theme of bicycling. There are precisely zero Sacred Cattle chez Snob, and his continuing success is as good an example as any of how, in terms of influence, the playing field between Marketing Division and Man In The Street has now been absolutely leveled. Assuming of course, that the Man In The Street has something honest, smart and amusing to share. He released an eponymously titled book in 2010 which managed the neat trick of engaging people new to cycling while simultaneously maintaining the interest of readers who already knew their Pie Plate from their Beautiful Godzilla. A lot of both types of people bought and read it, and most will probably put their hands in their pockets again later this month when "The Enlightened Cyclist" goes up for sale. By way of promotion for the book, a short video (see above) recently appeared on Youtube, featuring Our Hero as he negotiates his way by bike through the streets of New York, encountering along the way various stereotypical road users. The Fellow Who Wants To Race You is there, for example, as is The Texting Car Door Opener. And of course, every hero tends to wear a special outfit, so we were gratified to see when Mr. Weiss discarded his chicken suit pyjamas, that it was a John Boultbee Criterion he chose to don for the trip. We mentioned a second book though, didn't we.  More on that to follow.