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25 April 2012 2 comments

Brooks B17 Select 2012 World Traveller Limited Edition

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Brooks B17 Select 2012 World Traveller Limited Edition
As most of you will be aware, the 2012 Olympic Games take place this summer in the English capital. And with most of the WCR Grand Tour riders scheduled to be arriving back in London around the same time as the Olympic Torch, we felt that these two special occasions should marked by an appropriate limited edition model. Behold the Brooks B17 Select World Traveller 2012. Like all of the saddles in the Brooks Select line, the tops have all been made with certified organic leather, from cows living up to seven years. Production is limited to 2012 pieces. Hand hammered copper rivets fix the Select leather top to a copper-chromed steel frame and rails, a combination that produces colour tones never previously attained by a Brooks saddle. But the B17 Select World Traveller has another very notable feature. Throughout the 1920's and 30's, precisely one artist in the entire world made his name rendering the Bicycle on canvas and paper. Frank Patterson won fame using the notion of Two Human Powered Wheels as his Muse, and his excellence was such that he became Illustrator of Choice for the Brooks catalogues of that era. We approached the English illustrator Richard Phipps to provide us with some print designs which we hoped would evoke Patterson's huge contribution to the Brooks Story, as well as alluding to the occasions which we hope to mark in this special year for both London and Cycling. Richard's piece both succinctly and beautifully captures the flavour we were looking for. The soft sepia lines portray a Gentleman Cyclist traversing the Globe, his necessaries stowed in his panniers. Almost literally On Top Of The World. In recognition of the year in question, production as we say has been capped at 2012 saddles. Our B17 World Traveller is available from May at Selected (no pun intended) Brooks Dealers Of Excellence.
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Brooks B17 Select 2012 WCR Limited Edition 23 May 2016 at 16:30
Very nostalgic for empire; how fabulously imperial!
M.L. Anderson 23 May 2016 at 16:30