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12 June 2013 No comments

Brooks At The London Nocturne 2013.

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Brooks At The London Nocturne 2013.
Photographer Liz Seabrook kindly joined us at Smithfield Market in London over the weekend for the I.G. Markets Nocturne. The Nocturne is the only cycle racing event in the world at which Bromptonians, Wheelmen, Criterions(?) and Urban Cyclocrossers ride amicably alongside each other over the course of a single day. And spectators duly thronged at the bollards from early on Saturday afternoon until dark to witness this unique constellation. In it to win it. Drops on a folder isn't something you see every day. The Nocturne has taken place annually at Smithfield since 2007. The Penny Farthing Race was introduced in 2011 when we came in as its sponsor, and we were again delighted this time around to be of assistance in providing such a spectacular treat for the record crowds of cycling fans. Richard Thoday took the laurels after five laps and an additional twenty minutes. Readers may recall that Richard was also winner of the Penny Farthing race that took place at the London Bike Show in January. We may have a new Jim Brailsford on our hands... Lucy Garner of the Argos Team warming up for the Elite Criterium event. In the Ladies' Elite Criterium, Leicester's Lucy Garner was probably unlucky to find herself riding solo against the combined might of the Wiggle Honda team. It was Olympic gold medallist, the ferocious Laura Trott, who emerged as Wiggle's winner, following Hannah Barnes' relegation to second place for dangerous riding (celebrating with hands off her bars) in a tight photo finish. But this was all only after Trott had managed jointly with her colleagues Dani King (also an Olympic gold medallist), Laura Kitchen, Jo Rowsell and Charlotte Becker to finally break down Garner's gritty challenge.* If she brings some friends with her next year we're sure the 2012 Junior World Road Race Champion will be there or thereabouts. The Le Mans style start of the Folding Bike Race gave spectators a taste of the likely mayhem at the Brompton World Championships later this summer. Hordes of City-looking types barreling around, snagging their ties in their derailleurs, their fine linen shirts saddlebagged with sweat. And all this before they've even managed to unfold their blasted bike! And he did! Keith Henderson taking the chequered flag at Smithfield. As the sun began to set, a field of 55 took to the course for the men's Elite Criterium. Tom Scully of Team Raleigh was the one who led them all home under cover of darkness, after an intensely aggressive hour of strategics at high speed. As we mentioned, the attendance numbers set a new record for a Nocturne, and we have little doubt that as the event continues to draw new fans we'll see big numbers there again next year. See you at Smtihfield! And once again, thanks to Liz Seabrook for bringing her camera along. * This result was subsequently amended, with Hannah Barnes reinstated as winner on the 14th June.