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29 July 2014 1 comment

Bilenky Cycle Works.

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Bilenky Cycle Works.
[caption id="attachment_13146" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Stephen Bilenky - Master Frame Builder. "]Stephen Bilenky - Master Frame Builder. [/caption] Stephen Bilenky has been designing and building beautifully constructed bicycles since 1983. Located in an old warehouse in North Philadelphia; the Bilenky Cycle Works is a workshop full to the brim of over thirty years of bicycle frame building history. They build anything from cargo bikes to racing lightweights, cyclocross bikes, recumbents and tandems, mountain bikes, simple commuter bikes and anything else they or a customer can dream up. Innovative too; they were the first to build a tandem, with S&S couplers allowing it to pack down into two small flight boxes and in the late nineties they started producing the revolutionary ‘Viewpoint’; a semi recumbent tandem that allowed teams with differing abilities and strengths to take to the road for the first time. [caption id="attachment_13142" align="aligncenter" width="641" caption="The Bilenky 'Viewpoint' Recumbent Tandem."]The Bilenky 'Viewpoint' Recumbent Tandem.[/caption] Of course; having been in the frame building game for over thirty years, Stephen and his team of skilled metal sculptors have not only built up frames, but a veritable collection of awards.  Over the years, to name but a few, these have included; the 2012 Santé Fe Concours de Elegance best in show, 2012 best road bike at the North American hand built bike show and in 2010; best paint finish and best utility bike at the Cirque du Cyclisme. The list goes on. [caption id="attachment_13144" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Custom Bilenky City Tourer."]Custom Bilenky City Tourer.[/caption] They are also proud of championing the Philadelphia bicycle movement and hosted the first Philadelphia Bike Expo back in 2010. Every December they host the world’s only Junkyard Cyclocross. An event, where they team up with a neighboring junkyard to create a course that runs under cars, through buses and any other obstacle they can think of. They sponsor the local Neighborhood Bike Works; a nonprofit organization that provides children with the opportunity that not only earns them a new bike, but they learn how to fix and maintain them too. The Philadelphia Bike Messengers Association is also high on the list; they help sponsor events and local messengers get a discount on their bike repairs. [caption id="attachment_13148" align="aligncenter" width="642" caption="Bilenky Custom Tandem"]Bilenky Custom Tandem[/caption] But custom bicycle building is at the heart of The Bilenky Cycle Works. They build everything by hand, using new and vintage tools and everything is in house - from cutting the tubes to the final coat of paint. “It has to pass the test of time” was a motto taken from a very early customer of Bilenky and hear at Brooks, we can relate to that. The door is always open at Bilenky to cycling enthusiasts who want to visit. But what if you can’t visit? How are you going to get a taste of this Bilenky magic? Well! Brooks would like to help out with that. No; we are not going to charter a Brooks B747 to Philadelphia! But for those who would like to know more about the Bilenky Cycle Works - Mr. Stephen Bilenky will be visiting our Covent Garden store; B1866 this September. But in the meantime, as a starter to the main course, Stephen is shipping over one of his hand built creations to go on display in the B1866 shop during August prior to his visit. So, If you like what you hear about the Bilenky Cycle Works and would like to talk personally to Stephen during his visit; then please contact the B1866 store direct to book your personal consultation with this master frame builder. The Bilenky Cycle Works.
A friend in Houston, Texas has a titanium bike to which Bilenky added S&S couplers and she carries her bike in a suitcase sized carrier around the world and couldn't be more pleased with it.
Ken 23 May 2016 at 16:57