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6 December 2010 No comments

An Embarrassment of Britches. Brooks Cycles in Pants

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An Embarrassment of Britches. Brooks Cycles in Pants
This year, the discerning urban cyclist has really been spoilt for choice in matters trouser. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that anybody hoping to cut a dash between waist and ankle could probably have buttoned on a well-thought-out-and-executed new cycling pant every single day in 2010. Time and space necessarily limits us to mentioning a few, some of  whom have stood the past twelve months, beacon-like, at the very forefront of breech design and manufacture. So without further ado...
Outlier Workwear Pant "Stretch... breathe... without thinking". No, it's not your Tuesday morning Yoga class, it's Outlier's array of mind-bendingly gorgeous and irresistably durable cycling apparel. The bikes and young people aren't bad either. Outlier Winterweight OG As the bar for fine looking, functional bike trousers gets raised with each passing week, only the strongest can survive. With that in mind we can assume Clever Cycles will surely be selling their next generation of Stealth Pantaloons" in 2525. (Photo below by photographer Ezra Caldwell for Clever Cycles.  Ezra has an amazing Flickr set you can find here.)
Clever's Stealth Pantaloons Opinion at headquarters is divided on the subject of "hybrid pants". Carrying around two half trouser legs in a bag to zip on to your "shorts" as the need arises can seem like a lot of hard work to the less industrious. But when fully assembled, the above specimen at least manages to convey the worth of that extra effort. Extra marks for white brake levers.
Minus points for faux rivets. Moving along...
San Francisco's Betabrand has in recent times cornered the market in reflective seat-pocket handkerchiefs, which for some companies might be reason enough to put up their feet for a while. But thankfully restless souls reside at Beta, and corduroy deserves a second chance. Not to be outshone by their Pacific neighbors, PEdAL.E.D has created pants whose highly-reflective surfaces cleverly masquerade in sunlight as "acid-washed" details, see below. This is a look that will send shockwaves through the reflective tweed industry. Mr. Hills and company will certainly not trackstand idly by. Any trouser review would not be complete without including the increasingly-popular "short pant" that seems to go in and out of fashion before and after the warmer months.
If, you own thighs like tree trunks, you will surely appreciate a pant that gives them ample breathing space to spin out your 53x12 whenever you feel like spending some time out in front of the peloton.  The above pictured short pant version comes from legendary California lug worshippers, Rivendell. A pant that finishes just above the knee also has the added advantage of riding up high enough to give your foes (in this case, toes?) a terrifying look at exactly what they're dealing with. And finally, for self-starters only.... There is one great equalizer one should never forget.