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11 December 2012 No comments

Alex Moulton. 1920-2012.

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Alex Moulton. 1920-2012.
Brooks Head Of Marketing Andrea Meneghelli on a visit to the Moulton Works and Estate in 2010. The sad news has been conveyed by a spokesperson from the Moulton Bicycle Company that inventor of the eponymous and well loved bicycle, Dr. Alex Moulton, passed away peacefully on Sunday last at the age of 92. Moulton was an expert designer and developer in several fields throughout his long career, but among cyclists he will be best remembered for the iconic two-wheelers which bore his name. Most contemporary adult small wheeled separable bicycles owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Moulton's groundbreaking F-shaped frame design, which was developed and first produced in the early 1960s. A case-study in fine engineering solutions intelligently applied to real-world problems without forsaking aesthetic concerns, the Moulton bicycle has devotees worldwide, and is rightly regarded as the nonpareil among bicycles of this type. Brooks England has over the years enjoyed a close and cordial professional relationship with Dr. Moulton and the staff of Moulton Bicycles, and the company extends its deepest condolences to his family for their loss.