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5 December 2013 1 comment

Your Dashing Bike Photo Contest Victors!

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Your Dashing Bike Photo Contest Victors!
Our two-wheeled, human-powered, gin-soaked Odyssey, the Dashing Bicycle Show, toured North America over the past twelve months, taking in both coasts, as well as some of the middle bit. And seeing as how North America isn't just America, we even hit Canada for good measure. Wherever we unpacked our boxes, we suggested that show visitors take a photo of themselves with their bicycle, and submit it to our Dashing Bike Photo Contest and take a chance at winning one of the fine bicycles we had on display. Well, the show's over and the votes are in. Joe Cruz with his Surly Pugsley. Photo by Margaret Coady. Leading off is Joe Cruz, coincidentally in a week when we already touched here on the subject of Fatbikes. His photo is up there and his story is down here... "Here I am with my expedition wheel, on which I spent six months bikepacking the remote mountain tracks and trails of South America from Ecuador to Patagonia. Throughout, I corresponded with Margaret, whom I had met just before leaving for the trip. She embraced me at the airport when I returned and we married eighteen months later. This photo was taken where we met and where I proposed. A friend gave us a wedding gift of hers and his B17 saddles (my second B17), now gracing our favorite bicycles. My Pugsley is exquisite as an adventure bike, but a stylish ride from the collection seen at Bicycle Habitat at the Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show would be perfect for commuting about our hometown of New York City." Long distance relationships, marriage proposals, selfless generosity, multiple purchases of the B17... we're suckers for that sort of thing. So if Joe fancies a break from Fatbiking, we have a Cooper on the way out to him. Matt Schiels sent us this atmospheric black and white of himself. A picture can often be worth several hundred words, so Matt decided to let his photography do the talking. We know his name, but little else concerning how the picture came about. It's a fine picture, though, and his choice of bar tape is beyond reproach, so we were happy to put him on the podium. We're decidedly unhappy, however, to inform him that the Tout Terrain which might have been his prize was tragically destroyed in transit when we were shipping everything after the final exhibition in New York. So a John Boultbee Criterion and Limited Edition Barbican bag it is! Clouds, Linings, Etc. Here's the well travelled Rahul... "Hi Judges, I am Rahul. I have ridden in India, Nottingham (UK) and D.C Metro area. D.C is not much in the bike radar but if people live here, they would find excellent 'Trains to Trails' bike trails spanning hundreds of miles. The most amazing thing about out trail system is that they are well connected. Most trails cross at least one other trail, thus giving the bikers excellent riding path. I bike to work most of the days, weather permitting, on my Nishiki or Brompton. The pic I am submitting for this contest is of a Nishiki. This bike may be 15-20 year old. I bought it from an old bike dealer in Washington D.C for $320 and put a new Brooks B-17 black. I have not spent a single penny on gasoline in the last 5 years for local transport. My bikes carry me to every local place I want to go, I commute to office, bring groceries and use my bikes for recreation. The photo I am submitting is of my Nishiki and me coming from work. Behind me is Potomac river. It was a sunny day in D.C, a day before the snow story Saturn. Regards Rahul." Rahul was also at pains to mention that the reason he hadn't spent a penny on fuel in 5 years had nothing to do with his discovery in 2008 of a faulty pump at his local petrol station. Rahul gets the B_ant with Colt. Which brings us to our final winner. The picture which leads off today's post shows Matthew Worona's head turning, polkadot helmet wearing girlfriend, um, "My Girlfriend". My girlfriend has been riding an old 10 speed bike for almost 2 years now. She's a head turner here in Halifax with her red polka dot helmet. People will yell out "love your helmet" as she's riding by. She's currently in Calgary for a job putting us roughly 3 hours and 3000 kilometers apart. I would love to surprise her at the end of the summer with a truly stylish bike. What do think Brooks? We think that given her current bike doesn't have a Brooks on top, she should be considered in dire need of our Pelago Capri. Our congratulations go out to all winners, and our sincere thanks to all who took part in the contest or visited one of our Dashing Bike Show shops over the course of the year.

I am one of the winner of Dashing Bikes Photo contest. I emailed my address to Michela on 5th December. I have not received the bike(B_ant) that you told I will get. I called 44 121 565 2992 but no one picked the phone. There is no voice mail facility setup on this number.

I am concerned whether your US counterpart has mailed the bike or have they conveniently damaged it or do they have any intention to send the prize at all.

Kindly reply
Rahul 23 May 2016 at 16:51