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10 September 2012 3 comments

Urban Cyclocross, Anyone?

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Urban Cyclocross, Anyone?
City folk simply prefer a gritty, unmuddy urban backdrop for their Cyclocross. Photo Damian Talese. We've talked about Cyclocross before, and the notable surge in popularity of cyclocross-specific bicycles in recent times. Cyclocross has lots going for it, and not just for those in search of an actual pastime, but also for those simply in search of a way to speedily and efficiently drain off their disposable income. Of course, pure 'Cross is famously high maintenance. So much so, that once a convert from Fixed Wheel has been a few laps around the cold slop with his new ride and blasted all the grease from its bearings with his high pressure hose system, only to then shrink his retro wool jersey in the washing machine by mistake, he quickly starts to pine for the silent oneness of Man and Ratio. But even the most Dedicated Follower Of Fashion has to find something to do with his new Ridley after he's had first hand experience of the sport's dubious charms, other than merely use it to transport tins of beans and bottles of milk between corner shop and abode. Various isolated Arbiters of Taste worldwide have rather perceptively tapped into this problem, and been trying to get a solution off the ground for the last couple of years. Contemporary Urban Cyclocross is an extremely civilized affair, and the bikes stay spotless. Working recently with a secret set of algorithms and the keywords "Edgy", "Lounge", "Warm", "Drinks Sponsor", "Drinks Sponsors", "Vimeo" and "Special Geometry", they have come up with the unbeatably good-looking and -sounding URBAN CYCLOCROSS. The obvious questions are "Roughly what form or shape should this great sounding new activity take?" and "We have a multi-storey carpark for the shoot, can you get us a four-day window in the editing studio?" Of course, at this stage in such a young sport's evolution, it's difficult to nail much down, but URBAN CYCLOCROSS certainly seems to involve riding around non-muddy indoor obstacle courses while listening to "House" Music with a GoPro strapped to your head. Braver souls have apparently even taken it properly outdoors, and carry their bicycles up and down shopping precinct steps as part of the fun.

Crystal City Diamond Derby - First Lap from M B on Vimeo.

Anybody Stateside finding themselves in Virginia later this month can witness the fun of this burgeoning sport in the flesh, when the Crystal City Diamond Derby takes place in Arlington on the 29th. We would be naturally also delighted to hear from anybody who was anywhere near Montmartre in the 1940's...  
Here's the promo video for the Crystal City Diamond Derby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWF61a5uXjA

You can get additional detail here - http://www.diamond-derby.com!
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