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18 October 2012 No comments

The 2012 South American Bike Polo Championships!

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The 2012 South American Bike Polo Championships!
If we knew the Spanish for "Colombia all up in dis!", we might have used it as our caption. We have Bike Polo news. Last weekend, Underdogs from São Paulo in Brazil were crowned the 2012 South American Champions of Hardcourt Bike Polo. It was only the second year in which a South Americans has taken place, and the honour this time fell to Buenos Aires to build on the huge successes of the first instalment, "Sudamerican Polo Rockers", which was held in Chile in 2011. Argentina has, of course, an illustrious polo playing tradition. Albeit the kind that prefers the horse over the bicycle, but we gather several players were apparently none the less overcome by a feeling not unlike the Hand Of History Gently Placing An Arm Around Their Shoulder, as teams convened to open play. Anyway, we were gladly on board in a supportive capacity. As well as "On Boards"... Is that a Banksy on the right? It for sure has a certain quality which elevates it above other stencils. The deciding game was a replay of last year's final, with Underdogs once again heaving mallet in the direction of Chilean trio Monopolientos' goal. This time the tables were turned, however, with Underdogs avenging their 2011 defeat to Santiago's numero uno bike polo outfit. What they made the trip for. Winners' Trophy at the 2012 SAHBPC. There are some photo albums on Facebook already, plus a flavour of the action on Youtube and Vimeo. Buenos Aires has a flourishing Polo scene, but is also a city with both a highly visible and healthily motivated number of commute- as well as other free time bike users in general, and was judged by visiting teams a great location to hold the Championships. As well as the beautiful trophy, our Champions also got Brooks Colts. As part of an overall prize package for the new champions, Brooks was happy to provide a trio of our Colt saddles. As you can see from our opening shot, we also laid on a gigantic hamper full of face painting materials from which all non-finalists were permitted to draw (no pun intended) solace. With the venue for next year's World Championships as yet undecided, the excellence of the weekend's play and general organization has caused much forum rumbling of the local Che Polo crew perhaps stepping in to the breach. We'll keep you posted...