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26 November 2013 2 comments

"Swallow" A Few Saddle Blacks!

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"Swallow" A Few Saddle Blacks!
Whoa! Am I already seeing double? As discerning fans of the odd pint will attest, comparing a multinational brewing giant and an independent craft brewer in terms of end product can be rather like examining the difference between a poured plastic perch and a Brooks saddle. So it was with interest that we learned recently of a microbrewery in the First County that was planning an ale for cyclists. The good people at Warwickshire's Purity Brewing Company have been winning local, national and international awards for their beer since shortly after the first keg of Mad Goose Pale was tapped eight years ago, while their Pure UBU Amber, and First Gold have also both been serial plaudit-scoopers from the Society of Independent Brewers, as well as at the International Beer Challenge and World Beer Awards. Keen cyclist and Managing Director of Purity, Paul Halsey, decided they should this year craft a liquid homage to the excellence of Two Human Powered Wheels in general, but to the storied history of West Midlands bicycle construction specifically. Thus is born their Saddle Black, an unsurprisingly black beer with hoppy, chocolatey, citrus-y notes all the way from "Cheers" to "Same again, please". Pashley prize; if you drink industrial quantities of Saddle Black you could win this Guv'nor. The Wellington Real Ale Pub in Birmingham was the site for the official launch last night of this new beer, and Brooks Works Manager Steven Green was virtually compelled to attend. Each of the three beer pumps dispensing Saddle Black in the Wellington has been fitted with a superb Limited Edition Brooks Swallow, you see, so Steven naturally felt it would be remiss of him not to drop by and try the stuff. He took these fine few snaps for us, too. And judging by his excellent mood this morning, we reckon Saddle Black can be safely recommended to all cyclists as an excellent post-ride tipple. Any pre- or mid-ride tippling is advised in strict moderation only, of course. The Wellington will be hosting Saddle Black on its pumps initially until March next year, as will many other pubs all over Birmingham and the rest of the Midlands, so make it your business to swing into one of them before then and, ahem, Swallow a pint or three. As Limited Editions go, this is fairly Limited. Only four Purity Swallows have been made.
This one is just funny, I've seen much worse in foreclosures.Like the one with the green pool. When we derniad the pool, there was a car in it (50's Olds, IIRC).There are many people (some of whom are well-educated and seem otherwise normal) who have odd collections in their house. There are companies who specialize in cleaning them up, and they have a few hair-raising stories (which I won't repeat, but they were recently making the rounds on the local LA news, involving rats, bodily fluids and such). Personally, I recall (in the early 80's) often seeing a very elderly lady in a laundromat, I was always kind of worried she would croak. Eventually I read about her in the paper. She owned a house that was full floor-to-ceiling with newspapers and magazines, would sleep on a mattress in the driveway, except when it was cold and she would go to the laundromat. The mental health authorities evaluated her, and determined she was, indeed, not insane and did not need a conservator to take over.
Macoy 23 May 2016 at 16:51
I'll be right over. Yet another appropriate place for a Brooks leather saddle. In case the brewery, or Brooks, needs some additional bicycle support, I offer the following:

Mark 23 May 2016 at 16:51