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18 October 2013 No comments

"Stoked... Blown Away... Awesome... Absolute Blinder... You Rock."

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"Stoked... Blown Away... Awesome... Absolute Blinder... You Rock."
Sticking to what he knows best, photographer Stefano made a film about taking photographs. No Ordinary Night was both theme and title of the recent film-festival-slash-filmmaking-contest organized by esteemed bike light people Knog. Brooks was delighted to lend assistance to the venture in the form of prizes. As we explained here earlier this month, they tasked entrants with making something that could fairly be described as a bike/biking film. The only other non-negotiables being that it had to be under one minute's length and shot at night time. Though presumably an occasional bike light flashing across the screen wasn't going to do your chances of a medal any harm either. At any rate, the winners were picked at the festival last weekend in Melbourne, Australia. Budding auteurs from the Americas, Europe and Australia had made it to the final, with filmic efforts as diverse as helmet-cam-on-fixie-group-ride, head-tube-cam-on-fixie-group-ride, and even a couple of hand-helds-on-fixie-group-ride. We're joking, of course. There was lots of non-group riding too. And plenty of bikes with un-locked cogs. In the final shake up, for example, we got to join Ruben Prado Hernandez for a solo run atop his MTB along Mexico's first bike lane. The event also publicized a Bulmers sponsored bike design contest so we understand there was a certain amount of free cider knocking about. Shortly after it had all been consumed, visitors were apparently then coaxed into riding the festival's "Nonsense Alleycat". This fellow was there too. The people from Knog were overjoyed by the event's huge local resonance, as well as with the flood of contest entries they received from all over the world. And Brooks was as ever happy to play its own unassuming part in proceedings. Trouser Strap here, saddle there, that sort of thing. We look forward to the next one!