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23 January 2014 2 comments

Stacey Kerrod, Brooks Employee Of The Year!

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Stacey Kerrod, Brooks Employee Of The Year!
Steven thoughtfully removed his Chrismas antlers for the serious business of handshake photography. The 2013 recipient of our annual Brooks Employee Of The Year award was announced at the Smethwick Works just before the Christmas break. Works manager Steven Green has been kind enough to give us an insight into the decision making process that resulted in Stacey Kerrod scooping the prize. Stacey Kerrod joined the Brooks team 18 months ago to work on the Front Desk in the Smethwick offices. Her main roles were to meet and greet visitors and answer the telephone, forwarding calls to relevant departments. At just 20 years of age, with only a few years of work experience, she was understandably quite shy and timid during her first few weeks, but her cheerful and polite personality was an instant success amongst everyone that came into contact with her and she soon began to “find her feet” and to settle in with her new Brooks “family” members. Stacey stepped in to help the team out with a temporary shortage of manpower in our packaging department and this saw her spend a couple of hours each day on the factory floor. This short-term diversion proved to be the key to boosting her self-confidence. The assembled staff at Smethwick react to the news that Stacey is this year's winner. Stacey’s success story at Brooks is one of continuing self-improvement. Her strength lies in her willingness to accept any new challenge asked of her and to quickly learn the procedures involved. Her working day now goes beyond that of a front desk lady. She has established herself in a solid administrative support role in the activities of the Smethwick site. The Stacey that we have today is very noticeably different to the young girl that started here in 2012; she continues to mature and blossom at Brooks and is a reliable, energetic and popular member of Team Smethwick.
It's refreshing to see in this day and age that there are companies that still take the time and effort to appreciate the contributions made by their employees. Makes me envious about working for a company like Brooks.
David Wells 23 May 2016 at 16:51
Congratulations Stacey. As they say, find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Best wishes for a strong 2014!
Andrew Harmon 23 May 2016 at 16:51