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10 October 2014 No comments

Scatto Italiano – Made to be Unique

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Scatto  Italiano – Made to be Unique

Uniqueness comes in many forms. Take the Brooks B17 saddle for instance. It started out life on a drawing board in the mid 1890’s at the Brooks Works. It uniquely set a standard, and has since formed the backbone to the Brooks saddle collection. If Brooks made bicycles, the B17 would mirror its current status as the touring model in the range. Brooks have however never made bicycles, but instead, we leave bicycle manufacturing to others and prefer to keep our focus on adorning their bicycles with fine leather accoutrements. However, one such bicycle company, that does trade under a ‘unique’ umbrella is -  'Scatto Italiano'.

Based in Milan – Italy, it was set up by two young designers, Giuseppe Gurrado and Pietro Nicola Coletta, who; passionate about Italy’s established roots in bicycle production, set on a quest to find the hidden artisans of their country, who were still keeping the Italian tradition alive. The result of this journey provides the customer with a unique handmade bicycle, and we think the whole package is rather splendid, because; providing something unique in today’s bicycle market - is actually quite refreshing. They offer a range of traditional colours for their handmade Columbus frame, with an added option of a contrasting head tube – saddle lug and half front fork in an if desired. Drive options are single speed – coaster brake hub or fixed gear, which are all equally at home being used in an urban lifestyle.

But it’s the handle bar options which will really make you feel like you are on the right side of the bar. Two of the choices are made from American walnut wood, which in our opinion would be ‘the only choice’. Obviously, the only natural complement to wooden bars would be a Brooks saddle, and this option is represented by the Brooks B15 swallow or B17 narrow saddle.

The finishing touch to the whole process is a simple hand painted Italian flag on every frame giving a nod of the hat to Italy’s past bicycle heritage. We had great fun building our own unique bicycle with Scatto Italiano. Try it for yourself and help keep that Italian bicycle flame burning brightly.