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25 March 2014 No comments

Readers’ Rides from Brooks Stories – No.2 – Leon's Trek

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Readers’ Rides from Brooks Stories – No.2 – Leon's Trek

Now that the World Cycle Race is well a truly on the road; we thought we’d go digging in the Brooks archives for a story about an equally epic ride. After much rummaging, we found not only an epic ride, but an epic photographer in the form of Mr Leon Steber.

About 10 years ago when working in the USA, Leon felt he needed a change of scenery and decided that a bicycle ride could provide him with one. So he bought a Trek Touring bike, fitted a Brooks B17 saddle and then rode it from San Francisco to Cozumel in Mexico via the Alaskan Arctic Circle.

He stayed on the move eight hours a day over nine months for a total of ten thousand miles, and while resting up in the evening religiously kept a journal of his travels. And, as we see, also captured the essence of the trip with some stunning photography along the way.

If you read  Leon’s journal, I can guarantee you will feel inspired to do the same. The roads are there to be ridden, so just like Leon and his trusty Brooks B17; go and find them.

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