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Not Quite Hidden Gems...

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Not Quite Hidden Gems...
The B72's patented Loop Suspension warrants this saddle's position in our "Unique" category. The B72 is a good example of our Unique line of saddles. As most who have browsed there will be hopefully aware, the Brooks England online shop lays out its collection of fine leather cycling saddles into a number of various categories. For starters, we thematically divide up pieces according to their likely purpose, e.g., saddles best taken for frequent heavy mileage trips are in the Touring and Trekking section, while the saddles designed for a completely upright riding position are gathered under City and Heavy Duty. So far, so good. Today we would like to focus on the saddle of the Unique line. Each saddle in our Unique range is distinguished by an aspect of workmanship or detail of construction specific to that particular model, making it indeed unique. The B190 uses the largest top of the Brooks line   The 2012 Olympic Red Swallow is now rarer than hens'  teeth. Check the Unique collection. In the late 1800's John Brooks patented a system whereby suspension loops were worked in as an inherent piece of the saddle's frame and railing, as opposed to providing suspension via the traditional affixment of separate coils and springs. The B72's undercarriage is a visually elegant solution for providing suspension. Up top it's also a beautiful, unisex all-rounder of a seat. It has some width for comfort, and the loop springs provide excellent support. Yet it retains a sleek appearance. The B72 also has fitted eyelets for strapping a bag. A good angle from which to take in the ingenious one-piece patented Loop Suspension System. Of course, Self Praise is No Praise, so we are understandably gratified that several prominent and respected voices on matters Two Wheeled and Human Powered vouch for the B72, regardless of whether it's Brown, Black or Honey. With the exception of the Swallow, all of the saddles of the Unique range are intended to be used by riders in a most-upright position, yet healthy discussion continues among independent observers as to the different needs that these and other perches from our factory might (or might not) possibly be able to meet.  By way of unmuddying the waters, our intention in the near future will be to make a film, or short series of films, answering any reasonable questions a potential buyer might have with regard to saddle choice. Till then, read all about the different saddle lines beginning at the saddles page of the Brooks website.