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6 July 2011 No comments

Dealers of Excellence - En Selle Marcel

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Dealers of Excellence - En Selle Marcel
There was a time, not very long ago, when a visit to a bike shop rarely evoked a discussion of interior design.  But thankfully for the cycling industry professionals who grace (or darken?) hundreds of such doorsteps each year, a change in the workplace is underway and can be witnessed at many of the finest Brooks Dealers of Excellence. Case in point - en selle Marcel in Paris. Visitors of the curmudgeon-y variety will gripe that a bike shop is not a bike shop unless there is slat wall or pegboard but we disagree.  For us, such an environment complements and elevates the atmosphere to reflect the effort and care put into what we create. So if the future of bicycle retailing is something of interest to you, a visit to our Dealers of Excellence pages will not go unrewarded. If this is not of interest to you, then with luck you may still visit the other 99% of shops that do not trouble themselves over your buying experience. Or shop online from the dark quarters which you dismissively call a place to live.