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3 November 2010 2 comments

Bregan in Munich

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Bregan in Munich

Photo courtesy of ProCycling (DE)

As part of my ongoing duties for The Greatest Saddle Company in the World, I do a fair amount of traveling in and around Germany.

Last week I found myself in Munich, following a successful attempt to consume six "Maß" beers at Oktoberfest, where if you had been on hand Saturday night in the Augustiner tent, you may have borne witness to a one-armed bandit armwrestling a has-been bike messenger. And if you aren't my girlfriend, you were rooting for Wolfgang Sacher. Honestly, I did not discern his absent appendage until after the trouncing.

Some days later, I regained my senses and a look through my belongings reminded me of the true purpose of my journey- namely my ongoing employment. So I set off to visit to some dealers in the area.

After a frustrating thirty minutes trying to find parking in the Haidhausen district east of the River Iser, I was at last able to visit the proprietary address of Herr Ulrich Wolf, who nearly only stocks bikes from I.D. Worx, hubs from Rohloff, and saddles from The Greatest Saddle Company in the World. Mr. Wolf knows what he likes and likes you to know it.

Regarding my difficult search for parking in Haidhausen, Mr. Wolf had this to say: "If all the cars in Munich were to park at the same time, there would not be parking space enough for all of them." upon which we sombrely furrowed our brows and shared a moment of contemplative silence at his profound declaration.

Mr Wolf is also the master of an enormous Newfoundland, Kolya (short for "Nikolai") who does not so much greet as suffocate, and whose size is surpassed only by his friendliness and powerful aroma. Mr. Wolf informed me that Kolya is not Russian at all, he in fact just fancied the name.

Kolja the German Noofie

After I freed myself from his clutches (the dog's, not Mr. Wolf's) I was able to continue on my way to VeloCompany, a new shop which opened in April that has more cargobikes than a Prenzlauer Berg play date, but happily for my weakened condition, far fewer children.

The busy atmosphere of this shop confirms that Florian Borde has a winning concept. If you regularly have large items to transport, such as children or crates of weizen beer, you would be doing yourself no small favor by having a look in the Barer Strasse 74 and taking one or two for a test drive. www.velocompany.de

Having made that pleasant connection, I was on my way back to "die Wies'n" to call it a day when I stumbled across this fashionable storefront directly around the corner:

As every modern person knows, Cycling has become rather popular among the fashion elite in recent years, therefore we have been starting now to find items for Cycling in fashion and lifestyle stores, a sunny development we of course encourage with abandon.

(The bike, by the way, was prepared by Geheimrad in the Schwantalerstrasse 147, another Brooks Dealer of Excellence.)

At Harvest I was warmly received by Mr. Philip Stolte, who was overseeing a photoshoot at the time of my arrival, but who nevertheless took the time to show me around the shop and exchange compliments.

Harvest sells mainly brands from Skandinavia and England, and only items manufactured from natural materials.www.hrvst.de

After that I was finally on my way to L'Eroica, a report from which I hope to be forthcoming.

All the Best,


Bregan Faika

Public Relations


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