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12 January 2012 No comments

Les Vélos Parisiens, Paris.

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Les Vélos Parisiens, Paris.
The sun, the moon... the stars are attached to seatposts inside. It is tempting nowadays for bike shop owners to narrow their range of machines to a specific style of bicycle. There are lots of reasons for this. As a "specialist" for one particular bike or cycling-related line of products, the stockist is almost guaranteed a (perhaps small, yet) fiercely loyal constituency of people prepared to spend money at his premises, often on items surplus to their immediate requirements. Which is a nice constituency to be selling to in 2012. But the Reboux Brothers, Sebastian and Julien, in their Brooks be-rivetted emporium Les Vélos Parisiens in the French capital's 7th arrondissement do things differently. They sell everything. Or at least, it can certainly seem that way. The challenges which attach to offering a broad range as an independent seller are many. One must ensure that throughout, the frames and other items for sale have been built to the highest standards within their particular class. And a shop offering repair service to their entire range of, say, various folding bikes, cargo bikes, touring bikes, childrens' bikes, street bikes, locked cogs and tandems will clearly have need of creative, experienced mechanics. The owners are not averse to organizing the occasional themed group ride. Fortunately, the brothers are in a position to tick these and many other boxes. And in their endeavours they are ably assisted by another pair of safe hands in Rohloff hub enthusiast Christoph Parent. One of the corners at LVP given over to Brooks saddles. A couple of years ago, the Brooks Dealers Of Excellence Programme came into being. It was an initiative designed to give a somewhat saddle-centric overview of recommendable locations to Brooks customers, but also to draw deserved attention to bike shops in various parts of the world which seemed in comparison with their neighbours to go that extra mile, as it were. Brooks rates a shop by the number of "rivets" with which it is decorated. Les Vélos Parisiens has six, the maximum obtainable and one of only two such decorated establishments in the whole of France. The criteria here are not just an abundace of the finest in English Cycling Leather on the premises, but also a well stocked humidor, at least three vintage Champagnes to choose from and a reliably delicious Chateaubriand... where were we? At any rate, the rating system does tend to look favourably on shops that have a certain je ne sais quoi. Their efforts are rewarded by Brooks in various ways. It's no coincidence that at Les Vélos Parisiens, for example, you might find one of our Limited Edition saddles somehow magically available. Formidable, Magnifique, Etc. But as well as the more exotic pieces in our portfolio, Les Vélos Parisiens also stocks most of our standard perches, as well as selected accessories and bags. And please be advised that any monsieurs or madameoiselles running dangerously low on Proofide close to the weekend should set things right by Saturday at the latest. Because for the Reboux Brothers, Lundi, as well as Dimanche, is a day of rest. Les Vélos Parisiens 3 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire 75006 PARIS Website here.