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21 October 2015 1 comment

L'Eroica 2015 - A Ride for Heroes

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By Oliver
L'Eroica 2015 - A Ride for Heroes
As a global sponsor of the Eroica series, Brooks is always excited as October approaches as it means our yearly pilgrimage to Gaiole in Chianti is upon us once more and this year was no different. As the event has now become a global celebration of the heroic era of cycling, it is possible to enjoy the Eroica experience across 4 continents, but the original event in the Tuscan hills occupies a very special place in our hearts.  It was in Tuscany that Giancarlo Brocci established the event and there is no doubt that this is the spiritual home of all things Eroica. We bring our Brooks Factory team, B1866, to the events.  The team is invitational and is made up of colleagues, friends of the company, dealers of excellence, and members of the third estate (the press).  This year was no different, and across the group people elected to cover a variety of different routes from the 46km leisure route to the 200km longest course. After a Friday arrival, the team came together for a dinner, enjoying some of the fine wine that the Chianti region has to offer.  We were also treated to some culinary treats of Tuscany, including some excellent cured meat.  Following dinner everyone headed off to bed, nervous as the forecast for the coming days did not look very forgiving. On the Saturday, everyone from team B1866 descended on Gaiole to explore the wonderful market.  With clear blue skies and the sun shining everyone’s nerves about the weather began to lift.  Team members were issued their pre-1987 steel stead for the ride the following day, and despite a few minor grumbles, most seemed delighted with their new (well old) wheels. Then people spread out to see what gems they could find across the market.  Whatever your vintage cycling needs you are going to be able to find it – been looking for just the right 1934 rod shifter, have no fear, you will find it in Gaiole on the weekend of L’Eroica.  Whilst our guests were exploring the various stalls and vans dispensing all sorts of exotic bicycle based goodies, we were presenting our latest saddle and our special edition L’Eroica Team Pro. As the afternoon began to transform to the early evening, every one took flight on their bicycles to their various places of accommodation, a ride that usually involves something of a lung-busting hill to get one in the mood for the following days ride.  With the beautiful Tuscan sunset on display, everything seemed set fair for a glorious ride the following day. The following morning everyone awoke to grey clouds and breakfast was a nervous affair.  No sooner had riders reached the Castle Broglio than the ride took a rather muddy turn.  It made Eroica 2015 a truly heroic affair. Rather than ramble on about the ride and the food, we felt the images would tell a far better story. So please enjoy our selection of photographs from the event.  If you spot yourself be sure to comment.   If you enjoyed the ride, or love the nostalgia of the original Tuscan Eroica, perhaps our Limited Edition Team Pro will be of interest to you. Until next year Ciao!
What a fantastic set of photos. The road conditions took me back years when touring in Italy(1950's). thank you
John 23 May 2016 at 18:29