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4 April 2014 2 comments

Latest News From The World Cycle Race!

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Latest News From The World Cycle Race!
Decisions, decisions. Breifne fancied a kebab, but Boxty was insistent on some Moussaka. We still have three riders on the road, but only two of them, Breifne Earley and Prasad Erande, are now still in contention for the title. The World Cycle Race's organizers published a statement at the weekend announcing with regret that Lee Fancourt's circumnavigation attempt could no longer be counted within their General Classification list. Lee, who had been putting big mileage between himself and his competitors since early March, was seemingly in a tricky position shortly before the finish of his Indian leg of the race last week. He took a couple of tough decisions which, while ethically irreproachable, caused him to stray beyond the boundaries of WCR race rules. We gather Lee was cognizant of the breach, and that the WCR team remained in continual contact with him to advise of the various possible options available for the recovery of his official racer status. At some point, however, a theoretically ratifiable Guinness Records circumnavigation by bike ceased to be a possibility. So with that, the WCR field has been whittled to two, but of course we remain delighted to be able to continue following Lee's speedy progress around the planet. He is still committed to getting back to London as fast as he can, and has already even hinted at taking another tilt at the official record in 2015. Incidentally Fran Hollender, who found herself in a similar position to Lee's when she withdrew a couple of weeks back, has a rather clear headed and well expressed take on the whole thing over on her blog. Beyond this news, Breifne found time yesterday in between hitting three countries to stream a live internet TV show from Bulgaria, in which he recounted for his viewers some of the incidents that have stuck best in his mind since leaving London last month. And with Romania soon beckoning, Prasad's still in search of a support car and driver to escort him through Southern Europe. He's lost count of the number of people who performed acts of kindness for him while riding through his native India. But he has managed to post a photo collage of most of them on Facebook  as a way of saying thank you. Prasad saying a quiet prayer to the Puncture Gods in India. That's not a statue of a Puncture God.
I got a new B17 saddle for Christmas. I've been on the trainer over the winter but got out on the road today. For the first time ever I rode with no ass pain. Let me repeat, no ass pain. What a wonderful saddle. Thanks so much.
Mark Kramer 23 May 2016 at 16:56
I would love to catch up with anyone riding this if they come to Chiang Mai in Thailand. I can also assist here in Thailand.
ian Franklin 23 May 2016 at 16:56