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24 June 2016 No comments

​Introducing Will Meyer of Brother Cycles

Correspondence Friends Monthly highlights Travel & Adventure Cycling
By Will from Brother Cycles
​Introducing Will Meyer of Brother Cycles

It all started 6 years ago when my brother and I, having spent a couple of years restoring vintage bicycles, decided to try our hand at designing our own track frame. Soon after that Brother Cycles was born and we now sell a selection of steel frames for both road and track cycling.

Our ethos has always been to design products that we would want to own and ride ourselves. My interests over the years have turned from initially riding fixed gear bikes around the city to longer more adventurous rides - this has taken me through the Scottish Highlands, across the length of Italy and over the Swiss Alps.

Sticking to tarmac, however, limits how far off the beaten track to you can really get on a bicycle. As such we've been working on our latest frame, the 'Big Bro', an all steel 29er mountain bike that will open up a whole world of adventure cycling for us and our customers. Testing out the prototype has also been the perfect excuse for me to attempt the Tour Divide - a 2,700 mile mountain bike race that has been a dream of mine for many years.

The Tour Divide is an entirely off road route (mapped out by the American Adventure Cycling Association) that weaves its way from Banff, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, South through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and finally New Mexico. Eventually finishing at a desolate border town called Antelope Wells. For most people this dusty settlement is of little interest, however for Tour Divide riders it means the end of hundreds of painful hours in the saddle and many months, if not years, of training and preparation.

Getting my bike set up right for a ride like this is obviously key to my success, with the saddle probably being the single most important element. I tried out several options however found the Brooks Cambium C15 to be the perfect mix of firm support and suppleness over the bumps. Which is why I'm incredibly excited to have Brooks on board as a sponsor for my Tour Divide attempt.

I'll begin my journey on Friday 10th June and you can follow my progress on the Track Leaders pagehttp://trackleaders.com/tourdivide16, I will be the blue dot called 'Will Brother', and through our Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/brothercycles/

Photos: Jordan Gibbons