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28 February 2014 3 comments

If "Cycle" Is Two, Then Surely "Cycling" Is Three?

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If "Cycle" Is Two, Then Surely "Cycling" Is Three?
Footpath Closed Vintage / Cycling Accessories / Try Spicy Noddle? Photo Cycle Love Inundated. Astounding Quality. Keep Them Coming. Our Haiku Contest has helped capture a plethora of very special moments among the world's community of cycling enthusiasts. Hughie Simmons had a few for us, by turns both gregarious and introspective. First, riding the gravelly lanes at l'Eroica perhaps? Steel tubes, leather perch, I am Swankster, hear me roar! Eat my dust, slowpokes! Then chiming with Nature as winter becomes spring. Maybe. It would tick one of our Haiku requirement boxes at any rate. Like a chrysalis, Self-transformation occurs During pedaling Mud caked Italians/On antiquated Mosers/Seek vino checkpoint. Daniel H. was in with a timely reminder that no animals were harmed in the construction of our latest saddle. "Bovine chatter" is worthy of Milton. Cambiums good grace Bovine chatter, fields rejoice And our conscience clear. He wasn't the only entrant singing the Cambium's praises. Who knows what fantastic prizes lie in wait for our eventual winner? Kishore and Michael Murphy both gave their posterial punning skills a run-out. Classics scholar Kishore first Throne of riding gods; Aphrodite and Ares Softly kiss both cheeks. Ares? Really? And a slightly earthier Michael Leather? But of course. Bless your beautiful hide, Brooks! From a cycling bum. Of course, this was a contest launched in the month of February so it was fitting that Amber got drenched on the 14th, then hammered, then… well who knows what happened? Valentines’ party Blinkie lights, pouring white rain Whiskey après bike. Give Hans Rueeger two wheels and a bit of leather under him and he's not fussy where you send him. Most Haiku writers dispense with rhyming. Not Hans. Asphalt and gravel On roots and rocks I travel Still sitting comfy It would appear that Tristan has of late been unlucky in love. It’s over, she said At least my gearing's fix-ed On that I’ll depend. Initially, we thought he was quoting her gratitude to him for repairs he had carried on her "gearing" pre-break up, followed by the heavily ironic "hope" on his part that she come to no harm on a bike that he has perhaps not really "fix-ed" for her at all. But on closer inspection it's simply a textbook case of Locked Cog fetishism. Tristan requires no human company as long as he can enjoy the magical symbiosis of Man and Gear Ratio. Sentiments we can probably all relate to, right? Caylie kindly condensed 150 years of history into three short lines for us, with a handy and charming synopsis of the events surrounding our company's genesis. Maybe we can buy this off her? Horse dies. No money. Borrows bike. Thrilling! Seat hurts. The story of Brooks. You can still submit your 17-syllable work of art to the Comments Section below, but preferably to the one here, until Friday. Keep an eye on our Facebook page after the weekend, when we'll post our favourite five. The winning Haiku will be the one which receives the most Likes, and we won't be checking up too strictly on how many close relations and friends are numbered among your Likers. So tell them all.
Congrats to the winner!
Hughie Simmons 23 May 2016 at 16:56
Tricycles rolling
the whole gang showed up on time
corner of the block

yellow lines on path
riding i look and count them
breathing and counting

when sitting on my bike
losing my mind and breathing
bike and i just are

spinning the small ring
slipped into samadhi zone
skinny tires on road

auto shop:
car broke on highway
fifteen miles from home, found shop
rode bike to rescue

Jil borrowed a bike
Friday and rode at beach
Monday she smiled
Danny Martin 23 May 2016 at 16:56
My Brooks is brand new
the break-in period MUST end
comfort is coming...
Mark 23 May 2016 at 16:56