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15 August 2012 No comments

European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships Paris 2012

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European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships Paris 2012
Call Me Daddy, crowned 2012 European Hardcourt Bike Polo Champions in Paris recently. We have news for fans of cracked teeth, scuffed elbows, grazed knees and Brooks England. Late in July, just before we went on holidays, this year's European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships took place in the French capital. Brooks was, as per usual, an enthusiastic and hands-on sponsor of the event. And the winners, we are delighted to report, also happened to be one of two teams that one year ago Brooks had chosen to sponsor for the current season. From Toulouse and Paris, Call Me Daddy's Paul, Greg and Will battled through a tough weekend of three vs. three to ultimately come out on top in a final played against Germany's Edisons. Fans at Paris for the EHBPC. Photo Atori Enzo We have a couple of highlight reels here and here, and the final here. Most matches managed to showcase the sort of outrageously dextrous bike handling skills not usually on display in a chukka on the North American continent, for example, where gnarliness tends to win out over a deft touch. Let us not forgot, though, that until now all Bike Bolo World Champion trios have been teams based Stateside. But the levels of physical competitiveness from the preliminary rounds onwards in Paris were as ferocious as polo fans have gradually come to expect from Europe's finest. Partly, no doubt, because up for grabs was automatic qualification for the highest sixteen finishers in Paris for this year's World Championships. The WHBPC is being held over the coming days in Geneva, Switzerland. Gear Ratios and braking technique have changed down the years. But not saddle choice. This morning, the fight for the remaining available Wild Card spots there has already begun, and on Thursday the tournament proper will get underway. Embracing the wonders of modern communication technology, the hosting team, Swiss legends L'Équipe have organized cameras to provide a live stream of all the action. Take a look.