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14 May 2013 1 comment

Dashing Bike At Washington's Bicycle Space.

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Dashing Bike At Washington's Bicycle Space.
The Stars were out in force for our Dashing Bike Show premiére at Bicycle Space in Washington. The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show rolled into Washington D.C. on Saturday, April 20th amidst the splendour of spring to find the capital city’s bicycle culture thriving. Bicycle Space, the show’s host, is at the forefront of the urban cycling boom currently in full swing. Harry Styles of boyband One Direction poses with Joaquin Phoenix and Matthew Perry. Voted Best Bike Shop in 2012 by the Washington City Paper Reader’s Poll, and named a top 100 retailer by Bicycle Retailer and Industry news, Bicycle Space was the perfect venue for highlighting the style and quality of the Dashing Show partners. The social side of the shop was on full display even before the event on Saturday. We had a chance to join the legion of Bicycle Space faithful on their weekly Thursday night Seventh Street Social group ride. Leaving the shop at dusk and led by their custom built cargo bike pulling an impressive sound system. The Monkey Wagon provides musical accompaniment on Bicycle Space's Thursday group ride. Shop manager Jordan Mittelman pilots the 150+ pound rig (known affectionately as the Monkey Wagon after its circus-themed side panels,) usually with the aid of an electric-assist motor. On this particular occasion the motor couldn’t be bothered to assist, but the malfunction didn’t stop Jordan from cruising at the head of the pack, DJ-ing from an onboard iPod, and smiling all the while. We're giving our Showpieces away as prizes when the tour ends, you know. Click here for details. The overall jovial atmosphere of the ride gave us a preview of those who would be in attendance at Saturday’s event. Sure enough there were many familiar faces mixed into the burgeoning crowd outside the doors waiting to get in on Saturday evening. News of the attendance of special guest Eben Weiss (better known as the Bike Snob NYC) drew an even broader group of cycling addicts to the evening’s festivities. Mr. Weiss is currently promoting the release of his third book, Bike Snob Abroad, and fans of his work had the chance to get their freshly printed copies signed between trips to the Hendrick’s Gin Bar. Vince Vaughan had a great idea for a new film at Dashing Bike and didn't want to forget it. Guests were welcomed into an adjacent theatre space by musical guests the Sligo Creek Stompers. The Washington area stringband delighted the audience with its youthful energy and raucous blend of Appalachian & Midwestern old time and bluegrass, New Orleans traditional, Jazz, honky-tonk and gypsy swing. Perhaps the band traded the traditional bottle of whisky for a few delicious gin cocktails in this particular venue, but the flame of American roots music was certainly burning bright. The inimitable, unmistakable Sligo Creek Stompers. The music gave way for an entertaining and hilarious reprieve from The Bike Snob. Armed with a multi-media presentation and his razor wit, Mr. Weiss regaled the audience with his impressions of cycling abroad, particularly focused on the ease and elegance of Europeans traveling by bicycle with their children in tow. The crux of Bike Snob Abroad focuses on this particular issue and as a relatively new father, The Bike Snob was in fine form addressing the crowd on all matters of towing small humans around with two wheels. As the Q & A wrapped up, the easy, toe-tapping sounds of the Sligo Creek Stompers once again filled the room as the evening wound down. Over this way! The notoriously publicity shy Christian Bale astutely ducked our lens throughout. Many thanks from Brooks to all of the Dashing Show partners, the wonderful staff at Bicycle Space (with a special thanks to Jordan Mittelman for his long hours and tireless effort in making it all come together,) The Bike Snob Eben Weiss, and the Sligo Street Stompers for making the evening a success. "58-13, my young friend. Locked. Cog. Next!". Spielberg was insufferable by last orders.
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