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2 December 2016 No comments

Brooks x Vault by Vans + Interview with Taka Hayashi

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By Bregan Koenigseker
Brooks x Vault by Vans + Interview with Taka Hayashi

29 Nov 2016 16:28:42The Brooks x Vault by Vans Collection

Brooks England and Vans reunite to release a Limited Edition collection in a year where both brands celebrate significant anniversaries – Brooks' 150th and Vans’ 50th. The two brands come together for a second homage to handmade design with quality craftsmanship for modern sophistication in footwear and bicycle accessories.

The Brooks x Vault by Vans partnership features laser-etched artwork from designer Taka Hayashi whose imagery and intricate detailing extends from footwear to a deluxe Brooks set consisting of the Barbican Shoulder Bag and Brooks Swift Saddle.

Since 1866, Brooks England has been constructing leather goods in Smethwick, England. Celebrating their 150th anniversary alongside Vans’ 50 years brings forth the best in design and quality from two industry leaders, while honoring their respective styles and histories. We spoke with Taka about the project.

What inspirations did you draw from to create the motif for the project? I chose the Swift model, which is one of my favourite saddles from the Brooks collection. I wanted to incorporate the Swift symbol and incorporate cues from south-western motifs29 Nov 2016 16:33:04

The Brooks x Vault by Vans Barbican Shoulder Bag features laser-etched artwork and intricate detailing. From treated cotton canvas with adjustable belt strap for stability whilst riding.

How is the motif applied to the shoes and saddle, is it the same or a different process? The Swift motif on the saddle and the sneakers are applied slightly different. The saddle motif is applied with a moulded emboss plate, which is a very unique process. For the sneakers, we chose to utilize laser etching to maintain the detailed design work and craftsmanship.

Do you work alone or with a team of designers? At Vans we consider our team to be a family and are constantly gaining inspiration from one another. However, since our Vault by Vans collections are very specific, I generally spearhead a project and work closely with our collaborator.

30 Nov 2016 08:39:10The Brooks x Vault by Vans Swift racing saddle features delicately hand skived lower side flaps, large copper hand-hammered rivets, and chromed steel undercarriage.

You have worked on many Vault collaborations. How did you begin your work with Vans? In 2004, I was brought onto the team to contribute to a new category which at the time was called Syndicate. My first contribution was incorporating embroidery into the Chukka Boot, along with t-shirts and a skateboard deck.

29 Nov 2016 16:37:55The Brooks x Vault classic Vans Sk8-Hi.

Are you a cyclist? Yes, I’ve been a cyclist since high school. My first bike was a white Peugeot that I got on my 15th birthday. I still try to get on my bike a few times a week.

The classic Vans Slip-On has a low profile, slip-on leather upper featuring laser-etched artwork and intricate detailing with the Vans vulcanized signature Waffle Outsole.

This is the second collaboration with Brooks, made in 2 special anniversaries for both companies. Which values Brooks and Vans in your opinion share? I think that both Vans and Brooks England share a commitment to quality, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. I think this contrast is a great balance of two culturally rich brands and their respective monumental anniversaries. To celebrate the occasion, I felt it was important to speak to Brooks’ innovative, timeless designs while blending Vans’ American heritage with a nod to southwestern inspirations.