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5 May 2011 3 comments

Brooks Brings Penny Farthing Racing to London

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Brooks Brings Penny Farthing Racing to London

Knutsford women's champ Kat Jungnickel will no doubt team with partner Charlotte at this year's Brooks Penny Farthing Races

Launched in 2007, the IG Markets London Nocturne is a hugely fun and outrageously well-attended cycling event. On Saturday June 11th it will once again take place at Smithfield Market, and this year as part of the exciting program, Brooks will present the Brooks Penny Farthing Sprint, and the inaugural Brooks Ordinary Trophy, two racing events no doubt inspired by last years' decennial undertaking of the Knutsford Great Race.

Known as the Smithfield Nocturne in years' past, the event has each year expanded in terms of the number of spectators it draws, and in the breadth of its touch regarding all matters two-wheeled and human-powered.

Thousands have been witness to inter-school competition, bike messenger challenges, roller-racing, and hard-fought battles among armchair-, or rather, newsdesk cycling fans.

Various luminaries from the parallel universes of cycling and cycling journalism are once again slated to be in attendance, as well as a smattering of stars from other fields of human endeavour, all united by their affection for the mysterious alchemy occuring when man (or woman) pedals machine.

Manx Missile and all round Good Egg Mark Cavendish has been there on a couple of occasions, as has iconic fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. Cycling Weekly's Ben Wilson has also more than once been spotted grasping thoughtfully for the "mot juste" while simultaneously trying to win the All Star Race.

Likewise Penny Farthing competitors will be hassling baggage personnel from many corners of the globe as they attempt to transport their unwieldy contraptions for less than the price they paid for them. Once arrived, The Ordinary Trophy's winner will be decided over 30 minutes plus five tasking laps of the streets of central London.

Keep an eye out for number 38, is all we're saying.Charlotte digging in on the way to victory at Knutsford

In related news...

Venerable German tire manufacturer Schwalbe has recently come up with a new toy for exhibitionist locked cog enthusiasts. The Durano Skid, we are assured, manages the neat trick of being slick enough to facilitate "epic" sixty-yarders while somehow retaining the necessary "bite" to ensure its owner doesn't look foolish turning left sharply in a light shower. By way of demonstration, they are hosting a Long Skid Competition.

Champers and new rubber for whoever needs to hitch a lift back to the start line.

Page from the 1890 Brooks Book for Cyclists

wow.. that looks like it takes some nerve... they have to be, what 7, 8 feet up.... that's looking at quite a tumble... I say Bravo.. wondering what kind of speed they reach. That one fellow leaning into the turn looks like he's clipping right along I'd say. Exelent spectator sport I would imagine... thanks.
Howard E. Hodge 23 May 2016 at 16:06
This looks so fun. It takes a brave girl to hop on one of those.
Alexandra 23 May 2016 at 16:06
Sir, that 'fellow' is Ms Charlotte Barnes of that London and she is made entirely out of WIN!
JohnB 23 May 2016 at 16:06