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25 February 2013 1 comment

Bicycled Bike.

Bicycled Bike.
A Spanish advertising agency is overseeing a new project to produce bicycles built largely out of materials scavenged from scrapped Barreiros, Kapis and SEATs. Deodorant, ice cream and sweetened beer have all previously benefited from the global reach and Latin heart of Lola. Famously, the Madrid based Lola team has masterminded promotional campaigns for brands as diverse as Signal Toothpaste, Cornetto, Rexona and Shandy (see below). Now these same people are turning their attention to the two-wheeled and human-powered. Would you buy a used car from these men? To this end their plan is to strip written off cars for anything that can be reasonably be put to use on a bike. Transmission belts will take the place of conventional chains, for example, and door handles will function as quick release levers for the seat post. Indicator lights will understandably continue to function as lights. Renaissance and Reformation. Several bikes can be made with the scrap of even a small car. Even the frame is purported to have been fashioned out of metal remnants salvaged from the junkyards of the Spanish capital, an intriguing tale all by itself, which will hopefully in the near future be the subject of another short film. "... before talking about the perfect bike, we decided to create it." So far there are only a couple of teasing blurry distance shots of a prototype, but we do know that car seat upholstery has been ingeniously chopped up to serve as bar tape, and will also feature as an extra glued-on layer atop presumably non-Brooks saddles. Whether the advertising agency intends to put their Bicycled bike into full scale production is currently unclear, but those curious about getting their hands on one are invited to place their e-mail addresses on an online Bicycled waiting list.
What a great motivating idea for the future!
JP 23 May 2016 at 16:35