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1 October 2012 2 comments

Bicycle Film Festivals For The Autumn

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Bicycle Film Festivals For The Autumn
There is little that focuses the attention of a viewer to a screen quite so much as the sight of people attempting to cycle their bikes with unstudded tires across an ice rink. We were reminded of this fact again recently when the organizers of the Bicycle Film Festival got in touch with their autumn schedule of short films. Which all proceed thematically from the notion of two human powered wheels. Moscow, London and Milan are playing host in the coming weeks, and residents of any of these cities with a passing interest in bikes can be assured a fine evening's entertainment at participating film houses. Brooks has of course been an enthusiastic associate of the umbrella movement of the BFF in recent years, and frequently happy to provide sponsorship to festivals in individual cities. The commemorative saddle we produced for the New York BFF in 2008, for example, saw us donate $100 towards organizational costs with each Special Edition Green Swallow sold. The saddles sold out. The roster of documentary films and short movies at BFF's this autumn covers a huge amount of ground, with several highlights such as Cycle Of Betrayal, the story of Irish road legend Shea Elliot, Hit 'Em In The Mouth, looking at the inexorable rise of Hardcourt Bike Polo worldwide, and The King Of The Ice, which explores the grand tradition of Icycling in Toronto, Canada. Anyway, in a new move this year, festival coordinators in Milan have also organized a bike polo tournament to take place alongside their festival between the 12th and 14th of October. Brooks is assisting in any way we can, and registration spots have been getting filled quickly, we understand. And with the 2012 instalment of l'Eroica taking place in nearby Gaiole just a few days before the Milan BFF gets going, northern Italy is looking like a good place to be touring this month.  
'Sold out' - who wouldn't buy a green Swallow?!!!!!
Stephen 23 May 2016 at 16:33
That sounds great. Would have really loved to visit one of them. Thanks for sharing the information.
Alex 23 May 2016 at 16:33