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16 November 2016 No comments

A Dashing Moustache

Correspondence Friends Bicycles Art & Design Monthly highlights
By Bregan Koenigseker
A Dashing Moustache

From Moustache Bikes:

"Being enlisted in a program celebrating Brooks 150th anniversary is not something you encounter very often as a bicycle manufacturer. Moustache Bikes have use the Brooks brand on many of our bicycles. More than high end accessories, Brooks components are the final touch that emphasis design and performance. This time the story was very different. Needless to say that pressure, motivation and pride were at their peak.

The theme of this limited edition is "copper". We wanted the design of that bike to be modern and elegant with a clean aesthetic reflecting both images of Brooks and Moustache. Our Friday frame was the perfect match to achieve such a mission. It uses complex techniques such as extrusion, hydroforming, heating treatments and tubular aluminium mudguards. The Friday radical and functional design is further enhanced by a Brooks anniversary B17 leather saddle and grips all featuring copper details and a pair of Brooks panniers.

The frame has received a gun metal painting to highlight even more those copper parts. In addition, Friday is delivered with an “anniversary” copper plate showing his unique serial N° and with a dedicated unique leather key hanger too!

Only 100 bikes have been produced for this special collaboration which sums up perfectly the attention to details and the endless search for excellence. A philosophy adopted by Brooks and Moustache. We hope that you will enjoy this bike as much as we have enjoyed creating and assembling it in our factory nested in Les Vosges, France."