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21 June 2012 1 comment

This Race Ain't Over! WCR Week 17

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This Race Ain't Over! WCR Week 17
Amid all the cheering and hubbub surrounding Mike Hall's victorious return to Greenwich earlier in the month, it was perhaps easy to lose sight of the fact that there are still riders out on the course, so to speak. The WCR continues apace, with three of the original riders who set off in February fighting the good fight. Their paths have all been dogged by unkind weather, sickness, injury, mechanicals, Saddle Fever, absence of open cake shops (Richard Dunnett)... you name it. They have, to a man, however, gobbled it all down and practically begged for more. Clearly, the mere attempt, whether successful or not, to circumnavigate the earth by bicycle is deserving of respect. To attempt it under relative pressure of time even more so. Now, while the time element of the challenge may have been originally the centerpiece of their plans, various factors have gradually rendered it less and less important. Their thousands of solitary (and sometimes shared) road miles have, in many ways, realigned priorities. And they have each, under different sets of circumstances, individually learned Truths that will stay with them long after they have settled back into life at home. Those who have followed their progress can see how the three have grown as people, and as happy beneficiaries of these salutary lessons. Anyway. Sean Conway is in sunny India, and his puncture patches are melting off his inner tubes. He is slowly beginning to rival WCR retiree Martin Walker on the Puncture Count front. Fortunately, India has many people with experience in re-adhering melted-off patches to inner tubes, and one of them was kind enough to show Sean how it's done. From here on in, he assures us he'll be doing all his own re-adhering. Simon feels strangely welcome in Kansas, while Sean Conway lets the pros at it. Simon Hutchinson is still in the States, and gave us a brief video update earlier this week as to how things have been going for him. Richard Dunnett is powering along through north west Turkey. After completing his Asian leg earlier this month, he got a flight to Georgia and hit the ground running, still pleased with his new Brooks lightweight panniers Between his current location and Greenwich, he will still need to find about 3000 miles for his clock. Of course, now that he encouragingly finds himself on the home stretch, he'll more than likely crank them out by the weekend, right? Let us not forget that they have been joined on the road by Kristina Stoney, who is taking a shot at the record for fastest female. Kristina has a blog which she both kindly and fastidiously curates. Wherever she has found herself, Kristina has been taking time out to meet with local educators, and people involved in the general field of Sustainability. Oh, nearly forgot, she has also been participating in the odd Ironman or two along the way...    
I have a 1955 English 3 speed. The Brooks makes my ride to work and shopping a fun event. A 50 mile bike trail is over to fast. This bike seat helps my back. And with two replaced hips I am thrilled to ride again. Brooks is the king of saddles.
Thank you DR KP Moore
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