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14 August 2013 No comments

The Transcontinental Race Continues.

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The Transcontinental Race Continues.
Veteran of last year's WCR Grand Tour Richard Dunnett reaches the Transcontinental finish line. Richard Dunnett spent a sleepless two days over the weekend racing through Serbia and Bulgaria to guarantee himself Silver in the inaugural Transcontinental Race, the first ever unsupported competitive ride between London and Istanbul. Race marshalls clocked his arrival in the wee hours of Monday morning, roughly a day after the winner, Belgium's Kristof Allegaert. 30 racers started from Westminster Bridge earlier this month, seven of whom have so far withdrawn. 5 have made it over the finish line with two more likely to arrive today. This would leave 16 still out on the road. Most of them are barreling through Serbia and Bulgaria as we speak, among them Juliana Buhring, the only women in the field. Based on her current progress she should comfortably finish in the top ten; there's a tight race on for eighth between herself and Mikko Makipaa. Like many of his competitors, Makipaa, a 34 year old Finn, has encountered all sorts of trouble since leaving London. He's been chased by several packs of wild dogs, had a ton of punctures, and to make things even worse the batteries keep going dead on his GoPro. He has also fallen prey to some nasty sunburn while napping... in the sun of course, so our sympathies in this last regard, at least, are qualified. Elsewhere, Nicholas Longworth probably isn't going as slowly as the SPOT Tracker would have us believe. The 26 year old ultra endurance fiend appears to be still in Switzerland, but more than likely he's a good deal further down the road than that. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have a working phone with him, and his tracker is on the blink. We expect to hear from him with the rest of the field on the banks of the Bosphorus for the finishing party early next week at the very latest.