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6 May 2016 No comments

The Sven Forager

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By Oliver
The Sven Forager

The Chaps over at Sven Cycles have been darlings of the handmade bicycle scene for many years, but this year a rather special project crossed their path, the Forager. It is fair to say it is something of a unique machine, designed for the British foodie Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to take out on his trips to the forest to forage for wild foods. With inbuilt cooking system and numerous compartments to carry home the plunder, no wonder it was an award winner at Bespoked.

With the bicycle now on display at our flagship store in London, B1866, we decided to catch up with Darron from Sven and find out a little more...

So can you give us an overview of this bicycle? It looks a little unusual, what was the objective of the


The forager was inspired by a classic trade bike with an over all aesthetic is based on a Classic Land Rover Defender . The bike needed to be used on a variety of terrain so needed to be robust and practical . The frame design was based on a classic cross frame with an oversized head tube to help reduce lateral flex on the bike when loaded up.

What do you feel is the most innovative element of the bicycle?

There is no real innovation in the bike but well selected parts and a very considered design make the bike. As a finished product it all just works together .

Have you been out riding with Hugh? If so how is his hill climbing?

We have been for a quick ride Hugh did make it up the steep track from the farm ok , We will see how it goes when we get some proper foraging Autumn. Hopefully we can enjoy a few meals from Hugh's kitchen too.

Did making a bicycle for something of an English Institution, in Hugh, make you more nervous?

I always have a slight apprehension for anyone I build a bike for, but as this had such a specific brief it was a bit more pressured. When the bike was ready for delivery we were very pleased with the end result and would have kept it if he didn’t like it. So we were happy with the job.

Will we be seeing the Forager on the television?

I hope so Hugh is very busy with his campaign on disposable cups. So we will have a catch up at the spring fair, hoping to get something booked in for the autumn foraging season.

Have you got any other celebrity bikes in the pipeline?

We have two other projects with two well known graffiti artist that should come together later this year , we are always on the look out for intriguing collaborations that push us out of our comfort zone. It is fair to say the graffiti artists have slightly different needs to Hugh.


The Forager is currently on display at B1866 in Covent Garden. Make you way down to see this unique bicycle in the flesh. It will be these until mid-May.