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6 May 2013 No comments

The Pelago Pop-Up In Berlin

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The Pelago Pop-Up In Berlin
One of the Dashing Bicycle Show partners currently with us on our tour of North America is Finnland's Pelago. And while it's perhaps lazy to draw inferences from broad national stereotypes, it's none the less tempting to reflect that countless meditative sauna visits and gallons of black coffee must surely have played a leading role in the conception and execution of these sleek, sturdy, understated steel framed bikes. The Pelago team have made a name for themselves in recent years for, among other things, the responsive geometry of their machines. Their guiding light is "Firmitas. Utilitas. Venustas." That's not Finnish for "Let's see if we can't get bought out by one of the Big Guns", but rather Latin for "Strength. Utility. Beauty." They took a road trip earlier this year to the German capital for 2013's Berliner Fahrradschau, and liked the surroundings so much that they decided to stay a while. They're still there, certainly until the end of May at least, on Brunnenstrasse in the central district of Mitte. The Pelago San Sebastian with a Brooks B17 on top. If you find yourself in the vicinity, be sure to drop by and marvel at the fine range of bikes and sundries, from their bestselling Stavanger to their selection of Pelago multi-tools. They even have a few packs of their very own brand of Pelago coffee. But just about everything with wheels happily has a Brooks bolted to its seat post. The Pelago Pop-Up Brunnenstrasse 156, Berlin Mitte. Until the end of May.