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2 July 2013 No comments

The 2013 EHBPC In Krakow.

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The 2013 EHBPC In Krakow.
Brooks was "on board" again last weekend when Europe's elite Hardcourt Bike Polo teams gathered in Krakow to find out which trio is currently the best at scoring more goals than whichever other trio it happens to be playing against. Clearly, any country with a name like "Poland" cries out to have a major Bike Polo tournament take place in it, and visiting teams found that a veritable Polo-playing-Paradise had been constructed to meet their every need and desire by a hard working, good humoured and well organized Krakow event crew. Three courts saw play, starting with the Wildcard round on Friday for teams that hadn't yet qualified for the main tournament. A live internet stream relayed the action. Capricious weather kindly provided losing teams with the great excuses that "We play better in the wet", or alternatively "We play better in the dry", as the occasion demanded. But as serious play got going on Saturday, hail, rain or shine it was Paris-based outfit Call Me Daddy who won chukka after chukka after chukka to complete an unprecedented hat-trick in the final on Sunday. Up against Germany's Edisons in a re-run of last year's European decider, the three Frenchmen didn't have it quite all their own way. and were beneficiaries of the rule which allows for a second game should a team from the Losing Bracket beat a team that has won all of its matches en route to the final. Edisons initially took the "final" 5-2, which left both teams on one loss apiece for the tournament. With results thus notionally all square, the final Rematch took place; first to 5, no time limits. Call Me Daddy ran out 5-3 winners. The full sequence of tournament matches can be perused here. The EHBPC has been successfully defended before, by Geneva's L'Équipe, but Greg, Polo and Will become the first team to retain a European championship title while also reigning as current World champions. The initial Wildcard pairings go up on the board last Friday at the EHBPC in Krakow. Brooks has been a long standing supporter of both local and international Bike Polo events worldwide, and over the years we've been happy to help Greg, Polo and Will however we can, whether it be with train tickets, customized saddles or anything else they've required, so we congratulate all three of them, as well as the other participating teams (and of course, the event organizers) on a fine weekend's work in Poland. The fun doesn't stop there though. More Polo beckons in Warsaw next weekend as the third Warsaw Open pushes its dates forward a little to accommodate any Krakow visitors who've decided on sticking around to get some more game time against teams that they might not see again until the Worlds this autumn in Florida.