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1 December 2011 No comments

Ron Arad's Steel Wheels Propel the Rocket Man

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Ron Arad's Steel Wheels Propel the Rocket Man
Jordan Smith of MixTMeat putting the W New York bike through its paces. Lovely song as well from Devendra Banhart Guests at one of London’s top hotels have been using some pretty unique bicycles to get around the British capital over the past couple of months. The bikes in question were designed by some top names from the world of fine arts, design, music and fashion: artist Benedict Radcliffe, designer Ron Arad, singer Paloma Faith, fashion label Alice by Temperley, illustrator Natasha Law and footwear designer Patrick Cox. The six bicycles will be auctioned off in just two days to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the auction currently found online at a favored auctioning website, with bids being accepted from now until just after World AIDS Day on the 2nd December 2011. Photos of Ron Arad's studio I expertly captured with my personal communications device One of the above-mentioned participants in this project is Ron Arad, you may know him from his famous caterpillar-like bookshelf.  I was in his studio on the day they completed the filming of the video embedded in today's post, and I dutifully made photos so the rest of us could catch a glimpse of the interior spaces inhabited by renowned creators of design classics. If only the movement in this photo could be attributed to actual vehicular movement... (Author's note - Let photos like these be a lesson to anyone about the dangers of an all-in-one machine.  Like bicycles and bicycle saddles, it is crucially important to mate the appropriate tool with its use.  I promise to consider this before my next journalistic foray.) Back to the bikes up for auction.  A couple of them are outfitted with our products, so if you are looking to start or expand your collection of Brooks and do something good for those less fortunate than yourself in the process, act today. The Ron Arad bike in all its steel-wheeled glory   The Elton John AIDS Foundation in the UK has funded over 1,100 projects worldwide with grants totaling more than £50 million. They are the largest HIV/AIDS grant maker in the UK and one of the 20 largest international AIDS charities. Alice by Temperley with what appears to be... bespoke leather handlebar streamers? The Paloma Faith bike