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18 December 2012 1 comment

Matthew Cox And Le Dernier Dimanche

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Matthew Cox And Le Dernier Dimanche
The 2014 Tour de France's Prolog, as well as its first couple of road stages will be taking place somewhere in England, according to reports which reached us last week. Yorkshire has been definitively chosen as site for the curtain raising time trial, but beyond that, details remain to be fully thrashed out. From where we're sitting, we see no reason why our storied Smethwick Works shouldn't get a cap-doffing ride-by from the Peloton at some point in the proceedings. It's already on our post-Christmas To-Do-List, but we have 18 whole months to get a Charme Offensif organized, so fortunately, there's no rush yet. This means we can look today at another Birmingham-Tour-de-France connection, which was revealed to us this week by Matt Cox. He has released an artfully handled photograph book, a copy of which would doubtless be gladly received in any cycling enthusiast's Christmas stocking. Assuming any were still available. All of said photographs were taken in Paris on the concluding day of the 99th edition of the Tour De France this year. Various aspects of this final Sunday have been captured, from the pre-race empty streets to the animated faces of the concluding sprint. The book shows the pictures in the order they were taken, giving a real-time insight into Le Dernier Dimanche. The 46 page photo-book has been Riso printed in a limited run of just 99 copies, in three colours and hand finished in the UK. Matthew and friends celebrated the launch last week in Birmingham with a small bash at which copies of the book were available, as well as enlarged colour prints of some of the images used. Several similar examples of the Second City's thriving "Bicycle Culture" have become apparent to us this year, with further new examples pencilled in for as soon as January 2013. We'll have some news about them soon, along with an update about our "Apporter Le Tour á Nos Portes De l'Usine" project.
It was an excellent evening. A great turnout on a damp December evening, and no wonder, the book and prints are are fantastic (the free beer may have helped too, and hats off to the person who soaked off all the original labels and attached all the Biere Velo ones).

I believe that the book and prints are still available from <a href="http://www.frontyard.bigcartel.com" rel='nofollow' target="_blank">http://www.frontyard.bigcartel.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.frontyard.bigcartel.com" rel='nofollow' target="_blank">http://www.frontyard.bigcartel.com</a> Buy one! It's truly affordable art.
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