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7 January 2011 5 comments

John Boultbee Oxford Rain Cape

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John Boultbee Oxford Rain Cape
About two months ago, we began to "wet our feet" in the perennial subject all cyclists of inclement weather face: How to keep oneself warm and dry in wet and cold weather- with special attention to one's feet. Here we present the perfect accompaniment to sopping short-jaunt errand-running, sodden city-commuting, and other saturated cycling endeavors one wishes to undertake without resorting to the bother of rain pants or galoshes. The John Boultbee Oxford Rain Cape, when properly worn with the hem secured to the handlebar (thanks to the clever magnetic closures) will obviate the need for additional rain protection, forming a placid gazebo of sorts over your lower extremities from where your legs and feet may observe nature's darker side with a cavalier air of detached interest. This garment was conceived and designed in Savile Row in London, by a tailoring and textile designing duo whose primary motivation was to create a rain cape that would serve their needs as commuters. The cape is constructed in Manchester, England using the finest waxed cotton, reflective tweed, and leather accents. Yes, reflective tweed, from Dashing Tweeds, which when not in its reflective state, provides the cape with the visual accents for its fashionable exterior, as well as providing a clue to its English heritage. Welded seams ensure that modern advancements were not discriminated against, but instead welcomed to the advantage of our discriminating customers. Fitted cuffs provide for a secure fit while the thoughtfully designed hood ensures that vision will remain unobstructed. Finally this lovely item may be rolled together when not in use and attached to any number of locations on the bicycle, including of course, the saddle loops on one of your favorite saddles. Available year round on our website or at one of the fine Brooks Dealers of Excellence locations.
Wow, this looks lovely, ideal for my commute. I was going to ask if the hood would fit comfortably under my helmet, but I already know I couldn't afford it anyway.
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Are there any reports or reviews of the Oxford Rain Cape used for touring ? I would be interested to hear from those that have used it on long rain filled days in the saddle.
S. Schmidt 23 May 2016 at 15:27