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28 November 2012 6 comments

Huckleberry Bikes, San Francisco.

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Huckleberry Bikes, San Francisco.
Party at the front, business at the back. Expert tool wielding ability is crucial to Huckleberry's success. We mentioned recently how Rivendell's Grant Petersen has been invited to say a few words at the launch of our upcoming Brooks Dashing Bicycle Tour. With the show's opening night of 8th December looming ever larger, we look today at its first stop-off, Huckleberry Bikes in San Francisco. The Huckleberry shop itself is beautifully laid out upon 2000 square feet of white oak floor. With their stock of bicycles taking up one full wall, the other side is given over for the shop's cycling bags and accessories, as well as an excellently thought out range of bike related clothing. At intervals through the centre they also make room for free standing occasional displays. Unsurprisingly, the shop has been the site of other bike related social gatherings in the past. Located in the heart of San Francisco, on historic and bike-commuter heavy Market Street, Huckleberry is still run by its original founders Brian Smith, Jonas Jackel and Zack Stender. The three have been joined in the intervening years by a roster of full time staff who all work to the simple yet often neglected philosophy - "Bikes are for people". Only a churl would postulate that this emphasis on humanity, and by extension its tendency to err, is the reason for so much Doobie Brothers and Wham! coming out of the shop's music speakers, but matters of musical taste pale into insignificance at the spectacularly wide variety of unquestionably excellent Brooks saddles and bags. The team splits a bottle of Krug every time one of their customers leaves with a Criterion. As well as being active members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the Huckleberry team is a community minded bunch with a sharp sense of social responsibility. Before work in the mornings, they run a free repairs service Monday to Friday close to the shop, weather permitting, which serves the dual purpose of keeping people two wheeled and human powered, and reinjecting life into a neglected and currently derelict corner of their local neighbourhood. Brooks is delighted to have found such an excellent collection of partners under one roof with whom to cooperate, and we look forward to our two week joint tenancy of the shop under the auspices of our Dashing Bicycle Show which, as we say, starts at Huckleberry Bikes in San Francisco this coming 8th December.
Doobie Brothers, Wham!, Hall & Oates... there's a pattern emerging here.
GARETH 23 May 2016 at 16:34
What time do the festivities start?
Ian 23 May 2016 at 16:34
Joseph, we're a fairly parochial lot at Boultbee Towers and confine our listening to "stone's throw from the Works" bands, so it's generally Sabbath and Zeppelin on continual rotation.
GARETH 23 May 2016 at 16:34
You probably just missed the Hall & Oates. If you ask nicely, they take requests.
jazzvox 23 May 2016 at 16:34
The curious residents of San Francisco are most interested in your recommendations for music to be played on the Huckleberry sound system.
Joseph Raffa 23 May 2016 at 16:34
Are you coming to Texas. Richardson Bike Mart in Richardson (Dallas suburb) is probably the biggest bike store anywhere.
John McManus 23 May 2016 at 16:34