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22 December 2011 3 comments

Half Peak Wrist Mess.

Correspondence Curiosities
Half Peak Wrist Mess.

Those hoping to do some last minute shopping at the Smethwick Works will find nobody home.

As Subscribers to the Brooks Blog, and Brooks Facebook Page will know, the Primary Aim of our Online Communications Strategy has always been to be of Discreet Guiding Assistance to Readers in Search of the Truth. Not to Sell Leather Bike Saddles.

So following hot on the heels of our recent missive which looked at the State of the Chamois Cream Game, but which rather neatly doubled as a well-fleshed-out list of things to buy as Stocking Fillers this Yuletide, today we present a few worthy seasonal trinkets, along with some perennial cast-iron plungers for that Rain Avoider, Coffee Table Owner, or Trypanophobe in your life.

Make some room on that coffee table! The unputdownable Cyclepedia.

This book won't fit in any conventional stocking. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, cameo appearances from Smethwick's Finest abound. It has a foreword from iconic British designer Paul Smith, who himself is no slouch on two wheels.

Egg Nog.


It's a fact that too much of either, or both, can make you dizzy. And at Christmas the last thing a rushed present hunter needs is to be dizzy. One online bike stuff port-of-call with a tight but uniformly excellent range of products is Rivendell. Grant Petersen's long, um, broad, and above all human shadow is throughout cast over the whole affair, so browsers can avail of the site's built-in Nonsense Filter. Strange, then, that they sell Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense Poems. Of course, it's not strange at all, and a Rivendell Gift Certificate constitutes perhaps one of the world's few gift certificates that might be unironically described as "very thoughtful of you".

Do you love anybody enough to give them one of these? Well if not, don't worry. Most readers will be familiar with the impulse to buy oneself the odd present or two whilst in the throes of a Christmas Shopping jag. Go on, you deserve it. Readers are also advised that between now and December 24th, any further orders for a Criterion will be dispatched with one (complementary or complimentary, depending on how you look at it) can of Proofide in the breast pocket.

The world's favourite producer of tasteful group ride films and Alp-evoking warm-up creams got themselves into mucky water recently, when they sent a team of Go-Getters to this year's SSCXWC. Deplorably, said team spent the duration trying to win the bally thing! Bad form, chaps. Every dog in the street knows that a SSCXWC is for chain-smoking cigarettes, and ingeniously opening extra-strength-beer bottles with your frame. The water was made yet muckier when, having taken the top spots, they declined to accept the event's traditional laurels! Still, the stuff does smell great. So a Rapha Tattoo Voucher it is, then! For that Single Speed Cyclocross buff in your life.

We have unearthed yet another excellent reason to invest in the Drybike set-up. This, used in conjunction with the aforementioned Dutch handlebar attachment, makes a fantastic analogue SatNav for the Wet-Weather-Retro-Grouch-Cyclist in your life. Assuming, of course, the recipient in question rides around London lots. But we gather that increasing numbers of cities are being immortalised on the inside of umbrellas.

One last thing: in the hope that we have been of some assistance we wish to wish our readership a healthy, a bounteous, a leathery, and a very Merry Christmas. Another last thing: Trypanophobe you can look up yourself.

Can you identify a saddle I saw for sale? It is a Brooks Select, but not the new ones, this looked a few decades old, it had large copper rivets, a small rear badge and the side stamp has 'BROOKS' with 'select' underneath, the seller called it a Brooks select B17 Swift.
Stephen 23 May 2016 at 16:28
Maybe post a photo to our facebook page?
BREGAN 23 May 2016 at 16:28
I don't use Facebook but some pics here http://pikchur.com/people/recycletimber1
Stephen 23 May 2016 at 16:28