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26 September 2014 1 comment

Games For Cyclists – The Lucky Cap

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By Juliet Elliott
Games For Cyclists – The Lucky Cap
Do you always stick to the same few routes on your ride, never turning down that road you always pass? Are you stuck in a routine of same old, same old, all out of love for your own backyard? Fear ye not - the Lucky Cap is the saviour of Sundays and the easiest way to reimagine your locale. Just think of five things you’ve always meant to do or get creative and dream up some new ones. Write each  on a scrap of paper, fold and chuck in your cycling cap, and whichever you pick is your mission for the day. For us, the cap threw up a day of Dartmoor ‘cross-touring’ with a visit to Mardon Down stone circle and cairns and a riverside cook-up near Steps Bridge in Dunsford. So thank you Lucky Cap; the day didn’t disappoint. Photo Story by Juliet Elliott & Dave Noakes. #goplayoutside

What kind of touring bikes are you using? I'm looking around at touring/commuting/cross style bikes for all around use.


Josh 23 May 2016 at 17:00