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22 June 2012 1 comment

ECMC Edinburgh 2012

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ECMC Edinburgh 2012
The water's lovely. Bike messengers dive-bombing the hot tub last weekend in Edinburgh. photo courtesy Alan Forbes Readers will recall how earlier in the week we advanced the theory that Naked Bike Rides might possibly be evidenced as the latest adornment of Courier Life to go mainstream. This is because many bike messengers, when not acting in their capacity as unwitting arbiters of style for other urban cyclists, have a famous propensity for taking all their clothes recreationally off. At any rate, this past weekend saw the 2012 European Cycle Messenger Championship take place in Edinburgh. In a year marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Scotsman Kirkpatrick MacMillan, it was considered a fitting location to host the 17th installment of a race designed to find the continent's fastest, smartest, luckiest courier. Brooks has been a long standing supporter of the annual event, and this year was no different. Basel's Jérôme Thiriet was the Alleycat Winner, while the the closed course 2012 Main Race Champions were Anke van Boxtel from the Hague, and Wiesbaden's Martin Lichtenfels. The weekend's racing was made more of a challenge for both the riders and organizers by the fact that between Friday and Monday, the local Scottish rainclouds rarely stopped hammering down their unique brand of big, icy rain. The sun duly emerged just as everybody was leaving. Fortunately, warm comfort was at hand in the shape of an outdoor, furnace-fired hot tub which had been specially constructed for the occasion. Open air jacuzzis have been a feature of other courier events in the past, most notably on the shores of Lake Geneva at Lausanne in 2007 for the Swiss Championships. And Lausanne, of course, is hosting CMWC next year. Expect more great racing, and perhaps a little less big rain! It was worth the trip for Martin and Anke, crowned new ECMC champs at Edinburgh.    
Good luck to them, but I got as far as the hard-man giving the finger, and gave up. I used to be a courier in Edinburgh and never once rode over a field or on muddy singletrack while working. Unless the place has been reclaimed by nature in the last 12 years, I would expect that's still the case.
Ben 23 May 2016 at 16:31