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12 December 2012 3 comments

"Dashing Bike, Guv'nor!"

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"Dashing Bike, Guv'nor!"
< As those of you who read the blog or check the facebook or receive our twitter, not to mention our Newsletter already know, or anyone who was in arm's reach of Huckleberry Bikes in San Francisco last Saturday will confirm, Brooks is underway with a series of events in North America held under the banner of "The Brooks England Dashing Bicycle Show". But the Dashing Bicycle Show is not only about an excuse to go out and socialize and talk bikes. Its also about WINNING one of the Dashing Bikes on display, so read on to learn more! The Comfortable and Efficient Cooper Revival The Brooks England Dashing Bicycle Show is unsurprisingly about bicycles, and to this end a number of which are travelling from show to show to amuse the eyes and germinate the seeds of pedaling-related conversation. But that is not all. The Incomparable Tout Terrain Grande Route Each of the four bikes travelling as centerpiece to this spectacle of vehicular artistry will be awarded to the winners of the "Dashing Bike, Guv'nor" photo contest, open officially to those attendees of one of the aforementioned North American cycling and conversation-laden extravaganzas. Here's how to enter: The The Pelago Capri from Finland. HOW TO ENTER THE "YOU AND YOUR DASHING BIKE" PHOTO CONTEST If you have gone, or intend to go, to one of the aforementioned events either during the opening night, or visit the display during the two weeks thereafter, then you qualify to enter the "You and Your Dashing Bike" photo contest and win one of the bikes on display. To enter is simple. First, comb your hair (or not), oil your chain (or not), wax your moustache (or not), and take a picture of yourself and your bike. (You MUST do this) Then, simply go to the "submit your story" section of the Brooks Stories section of the Brooks website,  and click on "Dashing Bike Photo Contest". Then, have a look at the rules to make sure your photo meets the requirements of the contest, follow the instructions on how to submit, hit send, and cross your fingers that in six months one of the Dashing Bikes on this page will be yours. And while you're there, have a look at the hundreds of interesting and inspiring submissions found in those very same pages of the Brooks Stories section of the website. Best of Luck! B_ant from Japan is among the more well thought of among the New Wave  
Grande Route
Dierk 23 May 2016 at 16:34
This De Rosa represents the pinnacle of my lifelong obsession with bicycles. I restored and built up the bike with the best parts I could find and this of course meant topping it off with a Brooks Swift saddle. I love this bike and riding it is a euphoric experience.
Jeremy S 23 May 2016 at 16:34
could you give us the Brand's name of the last Japanese bike ? I couldn't find it myself.
Thank you very much. ®
Raphaël 23 May 2016 at 16:34