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31 October 2013 No comments

Creepy, Ghoulish, Etc. - Halloween On Your Bike? Really? Yes!

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Creepy, Ghoulish, Etc. - Halloween On Your Bike? Really? Yes!
Now that's a carved pumpkin. Aerospook? Photo from the San Jose Bike Clinic. As we all know, if you're out trick or treating on Halloween night, it's actually more efficient to walk from door to door than cycle. The time spent locking and unlocking your bike eats ferociously into the time available for the speedy collection from neighbours of monkey nuts, pomegranates and if you're lucky, the odd mini Mars bar. So what could we possibly have of bike-related interest on creepy, ghoulish Halloween? Well, if you've outgrown begging for sweets but still like to dress up and throw bangers about, we happily have some information for any cycling enthusiasts who value safety in numbers on creepy, terrifying, ghastly nights like the night tonight will most probably be... MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA. One of the oldest unofficial bike messenger street races anywhere is the Berlin Halloween Alleycat. In recent years, the number of riders taking part has tended to far outstrip the number of working couriers in the German capital, with all sorts of costumed cyclists heartily welcomed by organizers at the Start line. Until recently, precise details of this year's race had been shrouded in dark, icy mists of secrecy, but we understand that things kick off around eight-ish tonight in Kreuzberg's doubtless moonlight drenched Viktoriapark, a famously creepy place populated by wolves and bats... MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA. Showing up to race in a costume will halve your entry fee. And of course, there are also prizes for good costumes. If in doubt, get in touch with the Herren und Damen at Keirin Berlin. On the other side of the pond in Washington D.C., Brooks Dealer of Excellence Bicycle Space are running their "Night Of The Bicycling Dead". This is a reprise of the night time group ride around the city which also took place on Halloween last year. If you're nearby and at a loose end, get over to Bicycle Space with a bedsheet and some make-up or pumpkins or something, and join in the ghastly spooky brain-eating fun that, if last year is anything to go by, will be getting had by terrifying looking American people on bicycles... MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA. We've dressed this B17 up as a zombie rabbit for Halloween. Mwa-ah hahahaha. Closer to home, in London, the London Bike Kitchen (more of which anon) are, as we speak, mulling wine and spicing cider for guests in advance of their horrific, scream-inducing contribution to the overall ghastliness of Halloween in the East End. They've planned a 15-mile whistlestop tour of absolute gruesomeness. With one steep hill to get everybody groaning properly. The dress code is something along the lines of "Dead Tweed Runners"; your saddle, however, should be cobweb-free and judiciously slathered with goat's blood, um, we mean Proofide. Exploring the Celtic roots of Halloween, Kara Ginther dressed this one up as the Book of Kells. If you know of other bike related scariness planned tonight, regardless of city or scale, feel free to endarken us in the comments section. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA Ha!