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19 July 2011 No comments

Brooks + "velo couture" at Berlin Fashion Week

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Brooks + "velo couture" at Berlin Fashion Week
Recently at the international fashion show PREMIUM in Berlin, the organizers of the BERLINER FAHRRAD SCHAU got together some of the busiest labels producing fashionable apparel for cycling for an exhibition entitled "velo couture®". On hand were of course Brooks Cycle Bags with John Boultbee, but also Outlier,  Quoc Pham,  Swrve SwimsRapha, and scores of other bike and fashion brands making a statement at one of the world's premiere fashion venues. Possibly the most complete overview of what is happening today in the crossover between cycling and fashion to date was to be found at the Summer 2011 Premium edition. Models promoting cosmetics were seen sporting Brooks-clad bikes These reflective shoes from Monoway, though not part of the velo couture probably should have been Why bikes and fashion?  From the production side its really quite simple.  These days many more people seem to be (thank goodness) taking up the bicycle to get around the city and perform their daily commute.  Among them are many, many, representatives of the fashion industry, specifically designers. These individuals with an eye for fashion and a head for functionality are APPALLED at the state of cycling garments of the spandex variety and have set about creating their own interpretations. Case in point- new Brooks partner PEdALED. The velo couture® display was a collection of shipping containers located at the main entrance to the fair. For the buyer it basically works like this.  You ride you bike everyday for transportation.  You are regularly annoyed that your shirt doesn't fit quite right on the bike, the seat of your pants keeps wearing out, or you feel underdressed showing up to an important appointment dressed as if you are heading out to take exercise, not to mention advertising your mode of transportation. Therefore, doesn't it make sense that if you had the opportunity to choose a garment with your cycling lifestyle in mind, wouldn't you do so?  Well, thanks to the hard work of forward-thinking designers and brands, now you finally can. Looking to the future, and the fact that this "bicycle thing" is not going away, expect to see more of these kind of cycling garments and accessories, which for us is a good thing.  Your next chance to see them all in one place is  sure to be at the BERLINER FAHRRAD SCHAU March 3-4 2012. Brooks blogger Gareth Lennon looking to the future on the Abici at Misericordia