Trouser Strap

Trouser Strap

Our Trouser Strap helps the urban cyclist to fasten his or her trousers and prevents them from being caught in the chain ring.


The new coloured trouser straps are now available!


Made in China

*20.00 €
15.25 £



Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by T BONE from Canada 6/22/2012

Simple. Classy. Well made. Serves its purpose well. It's all a guy could really ask for.

Written by Martin Fraser from UK 8/19/2009

Excellent product - first one of any type that stays on when commuting in a suit!

Written by Double Oh Two from Australia 7/27/2009

I bought my Trouser Strap today and am very impressed (but not surprised) by the quality of workmanship and materials that have gone into it. A simple idea that just works, and destined for many years of good looking and functional service!

Written by Pete Marshall from United Kingdom 9/1/2009

Works well and matches my saddle! Stylish (for cycle clips...just about the least stylish item of apparel I can think of). Pity that the Brooks England logo is rather spoilt by the fact they are made in China!

Written by Simon 4/30/2009

Q > Harmonic steel? Is that the same as an inch and an 'alf strip of metal with a bend down the middle?

A > It's a strip of steel with a "memory" to roll up.

Written by Dowster Bussell from UK 6/5/2009

I think I like Simons description better :) it having a memory makes me think it might be smarter than me.

Written by Don Gillies 1/31/2009

Q > How is the strap held on? Is there velcro? Does it have a wound metal spring inside? thanx. A > No velcro! The strap is made of leather with "harmonic steel" inside which winds around your ankle.


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Alan Cox from New Zealand 9/29/2010

Q: how long is the strap when rolled out flat?

A: 36cm

Written by Geoff Baker from UK 8/13/2009

COMMENT > Surprisingly this item is NOT A PAIR, I don't think there are many one legged cyclists around! So be aware of this when ordering by post or online, I've just received my ONE strap and have had order another!

REPLY > A lot of people were it only on the drivetrain side of the bike, so on the right leg, that's why it is called trouser STRAP and not straps :)

Written by Stephen Muller from Australia 10/15/2014

What a pretentious waste of money. Just go to a nursery or hardware and buy a roll of velcro (the kind used to tie up young plants). It will cost a few dollars. Cut a suitable length and you have your trouser strap. You will have enough velcro left to make about 20 more. When you park your bike you use it to hold the brake lever in, thus it doubles as a park-brake. Just wrap it around you seat post when not in use.

Written by Jayson Jordan from USA 3/27/2014

I wouldn't mind seeing a photograph of a cyclist actually wearing this trouser strap. I believe it would be most helpful for the uninitiated.


A> you simply strap it round your trousers just about the ankle - keeps the trouser leg from getting caught in the chain

Written by David A. from Canada 2/13/2015

The Good:
They look great, I have 1 green one and 1 honey one. With a low cut shoe they wrap OK.

The Bad:
The length of the strap is too short. With an ankle boot (e.g. Blundstone) under the cuff, the strap just barely overlaps itself and tends to work it's way loose and then is prone to popping off in traffic.

The Ugly:
I cut some wide rubber bands out of a road size inner tube and slipped them over each end of the strap. The rubber bands come in contact with each other when wrapped and the extra friction helps a bit with them working loose but doesn't do much for the appearance.

The ideal solution would be if the straps were about 1 inch longer. Then they would be perfect.

Written by Ferenc Kovacs from Romania 4/9/2013

I can't have a bad word about this little thingy since I got it for free (which for I'm really thankful). However, I have to say that I would've been disappointed if I would've spent money for it. It's really good looking, classy, simple and seems so functional BUT it keeps slipping/popping off after a few pedal strikes. Am I the only experiencing this? It is true, that I may have some thicker legs than the average, but I'm not a Yeti, I'm only 85 kgs.
After applying a really small bit of velcro it works fine, know.

A> This is honestly the first time we have received this feedback and we have sold many thousands of these.  We would suggest a warranty claim!

Written by Bev Miller from england 11/24/2012

Very disappointed...'Made in China' ! No, no !
Perfect saddles made in England. I expected ALL Brooks leather ware to be British.
I do not buy Chinese.
Please, Brooks, I'm sure there are British makers out there somewhere.

A> We are very sorry, but we have not found a European manufacturer for this.  However, these are of very high quality!

Written by Adrian Maskrey from England 10/28/2012

Made "In China"!! What a shame. Having proudly bought my third saddle "Made In England" I was about to order one of the trouser straps right up to the point of noticing the country of origin. Come on really!

A> We understand your disappointment, and make every effort to produce in Europe.  But in the case of the trouser strap we have not found a suitable European producer, and we believe the quality and usefulness of this item to be worth the added hassle of producing overseas.

Written by Alin Toader from Romania 7/21/2011

Unfortunately, I was caught up in the rain and my honey trouser strap has black stains all over it...