Volume  23-33 l
Width   38 cm
Height  44-62 cm
Depth   14 cm
Weight  1600 g
The Islington Rucksack features innovative shoulder straps, which can be easily adjusted to stabilize the bag whilst riding. This can be achieved by either crossing both straps diagonally over the chest, or alternatively securing one of the straps laterally around the waist.
Water Resistant Cotton Fabric and Vegetable Tanned Leather from Europe

*330.00 €
251.61 £

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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Méla jérôme from France 11/3/2012

Hi ^^^^^^
For me yesterday was the first of a long trip with this beautiful bag! Comfortable and very practice i feel like a parachute man flying in the town of my dream...Now i can transport my house on my back
Thanks for all

Written by Michael Chum from Hong Kong 9/25/2012

I really like this rucksack, when I saw the video I know I want to get it ASAP. Sadly the shipping cost a lot. Maybe I should come to Get this lovely rucksack in UK.

Written by Roar Pilevad from Demark 7/21/2012

Hello fellow-cyclist

I just went to my favorite dealer this very day to get my Islington.
Never ever have i spent so much time just looking at pictures and reading comments about this
incredible piece of a rucksack.
Anyway... i couldn't wait any longer, it was a must have for me.
To any one out there, who spend as much time as i did before the conclusion to make the deal.

Ys Roar

Written by Michael Firn from United States 7/12/2011

I've been commuting by bicycle for over 12 years and have never worn a more comfortable pack. The straps and harness are versatile, particularly useful when crossed over the chest. When loaded, the pack is balanced and seems to relish being used to capacity. When riding, the pack doesn't push into the back of my helmet and offers good peripheral vision when checking over my shoulders in the city. Aesthetically, the bag is singular and has been a conversation piece on more than one occasion.

Written by Alberto Martinez from Mexico 5/6/2011

Just got my Islington Rucksack. It's just about the most pefect backback I've owned.
(and I've had many)...Got a interesting comment from a friend: If that backpack came in plain black or brown without the faded/aged look I'd buy it tomorrow....Heed the advice. I think you could sell a few of those...Keep up the good work.

Written by Antoine B. from France 4/2/2014

I bought the Islington last week. Brilliant product, I have received more spontaneous compliments on this bag than I ever had for any other articles of clothing I ever had, cumulated, so I felt fair to post a comment in here to thank you. Keep on the great work!

Written by Rahul Sharma from USA 12/23/2010

Please make them available fast. I have already fallen in love with it !!!!!!

Written by Sophie R. from France 1/25/2012

Good evening,
I was looking for a huge, solid, esthetical sack, fore I can't bear anything in my hands. I've seen the Islington past summer... But, this period, I was workless and the necessary was to find job, recover a good health and enjoy times as much as I could with my son.
In Autmon, (ah, le bel autmone à Paris...), les lignes de l'Islington sont revenues me chatouiller... (Oh, Sorry. I write in French when I'm excited...). I went to my favorite spot, once, twice, many, may times. No money, no dream !!! Suddenly, a wednesday, I jump on my Motobécane 1973 (jantes Mavic, freins Mafac, selle Idéale (sorry, we're in France ;-(, pédalier et transmission Huret...) and I bike to the spot... In one minute, the Islongton Rucksack became mine. MY DREAM CAMES TRUE.
It was one month of a daily use, I can tell you : it's perfect ! The only "hic" (as not only Bretons of Belle-Île say, is the closing-system wich is not good when the sack is 2/3 or 3/4 empty. In french : la lannière glisse trop, l'ouverture est moins serrée. Now, I turn the strips extremity before clipping it and it's OK. All what I need to work finds it place and, it is the most important, the rucksack don't move when I clip it on my shoulders. I commute in Paris, I sometimes go fast (35 km/h/38), and the Islington is perfect. I do not feel it !
What's bad in this bag ? Nothing (except what I say about the strips.)
I already run about 200 km and I am happy and very proud to "wear" this Islington Rucksack...Thank you very much !

Written by Anders Akesson from Denmark 5/9/2015

Bought my Islington end of 2012, but never used it much – too big, heavy & cumbersome for the things that I wanted to carry in my every day life.

Now however having covered more than 10'000 km over the last 9 months – am on a little Tour through Europe –, the Islington has become an extension of my body. It is the only piece of luggage that I have with me, so my entire life has to fit into it, & it really does! It is surprising how much it can contain: food, an entire bag of bicycle tools – have everything I need to ride autonomously, which means that shops are only there to furnish me with spare parts –, bike clothes, civil ones, sandals, books, a sleeping bag underneath, & of course, my laptop.

Fellow cycle tourists ask me if it is not heavy to carry everything on my back, & answer in the affirmative, but then list the advantages. it is easier going down dale after having crossed high mountains, such as Passo dello Stelvio (IT) – climbing has always been a passion of mine. As it has become a part of me it is easier to control the weight & the balance in the steep descents, in traffic it also more convenient as I know that where my shoulders, or really my handle bar fits through – am in one line – there I know that the rest of my body & bike will fit through as well, so zigzagging between cars is a peace of cake, further it puts a limit on the weight that you can carry with you. Really, I believe that I look more like a messenger biker, than the cycle tourist that I really am.

It has withstood falls, the beach, has gone through all sorts of weather. It is of a ‘Water Resistant Cotton Fabric’ but is however not water proof. Have a rain cover for that, but as that has proven not to be enough, & I have finally decided to get some Dry bags, in order to keep my life inside nice, tidy & clean.

Sure there are signs of wearing, the various straps has begun to thread, & the shoulder wraps has started to come loose, the inside is virtually reinforced everywhere, but what one can one expect after such a long ride. Thick thread & a needle will cope with that => it looks used, which I personally find charming, but not in anyway broken. & cannot think of another rucksack that could have withheld the weight that I carry around with me, some 20 kg, & therefore I thank you Brooks for allowing to travel in the look of a commuter, & riding in full style. So the world, let the next 10’000 km begin, for I currently have trust in my Islington, & believe that it will always be there with me.

Written by Sean Kim from South Korea 6/1/2011

I like this^^

Written by Markus Schmidt from Germany 9/25/2013

Today it arrived - my beloved Islington! Finally a rucksack with a style that matches my eight ball GT and in which my Thinkpad perfectly fits into. It is ... f cking huge - even if it doesn't look like that. And it is very confortable to wear. I believe it will take its time until I found the perfect length of the straps but then it will fit like a glove. Crossing the straps in front of the chest provides a very solid but comfy feeling. After my indescribable experience with the Brooks Flyer saddle (after testing about half a dozen other high quality ... seats) this is the next product from Brooks which absolutely convinced me. And no - I'm not on the payroll of these guys, I'm just a commuting customer who is after sustainable, long-lasting and stylish products.

Written by Nick Kinkaid from USA 8/2/2013

You mentioned that the Islington rucksack is being redesigned. When does the new design come out?

A> The new design will be ready by Summer 2014, thanks!

Written by Jon Hartley from Australia 7/8/2013

I ride my bike every day and needed a good bag. I was beginning to find the shoulder bag I previously owned for school wasn't holding enough for full on commuter cycling life. The Islington Rucksack is the bag I've had my eye on since 2012 when it was in the old design. The reviews held me back a bit until I saw it had been redesigned!

Unfortunately my parents then promised me the bag for my birthday, having waited 6 months I can promise you it's the best bag I've owned. Very comfortable, stylish and I get at least 2 comments a day about how parachute like it looks (which to me is a great thing). The only issue is it's got so much room in it I have trouble filling it!

Thanks for a great bag. I plan to use it forever.

Written by Ian McGovern from UK 5/15/2013

As the lucky recipient of one of the first generation of Islington Rucksacks I too found the closure device to be less than ideal. It was possible to increase the tension or to adjust the angle of the clip by tying a knot in the strap but this was an inelegant solution.
I am delighted to report that a single polite e-mail to Brooks customer services resulted in them posting me a new carabiner-style clip at no cost whatsoever. This has transformed the usability of an already excellent product.
Thank you.

Written by Anders Akesson from Switzerland 12/18/2012

Dear all,

got my freshly ordered ISLINGTON this afternoon and it is a really wonderful rucksack, with the new lock on the back, of course. Cannot stop smiling, though I have not tried it on yet (except before the mirror - an hour or so). Have adjusted the straps so that they fit, and now I am only looking forward to trying it on for real.



We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Christopher D from USA 7/16/2014

I like the bag, but after two days of use I noticed that the dye from the shoulder straps where staining my light colored shirts. Cant use the bag... its ruining my clothes.

Written by Jason Low from Singapore 2/13/2015

Nearly bought the Asphalt, black. To my surprise the black dye has already starts shade and it sticks to my palm in powdery form. Not sure is the Barley is having this issue too.

Written by Jason Snape from UK 7/11/2014

Excellent quality, sturdy and stylish. I use mine for global travel. My only frustration is the front fastening of the version that I have which keeps needing re-tightening. The new model has addressed this. Would love mine to be the same as it's the only fault with the bag.

Written by Howard Williamson from UK 7/6/2014

A mixture of delight and disappointment. The design, image and utility of the rucsac is great. But the first one I bought tore at the shoulder strap within weeks. It was replaced. Then I discovered the small clasp (it is the old design) kept either pulling out or the strap itself slipped and loosened. For a bag at this price, this is a huge disappointment. I am a traveller and a cyclist/motorcyclist. i relied on Brooks' longstanding and first-class reputation for design and quality. But this bag did not live up to expectations and is questionable value for money. I use it, get admiring comments, but continue to experience frustration with the strap.

Written by Enrique Pineda from United States 1/17/2014

The cross-strapping option is my favorite feature of this product -- very secure feeling when on the bicycle. The convenient carry handle is my second favorite.

I'm unhappy with the zipper. Even when new, it frequently got stuck. It is now completely off-track and I've no idea how to repair it. The design would benefit from either a reliable zipper mechanism, or ditch it in favor of a velcro enclosure instead.

Written by Kai-Bertil Vilppula from Finland 11/20/2012

I've had my islington rucksack for 6 months now and I like it a lot. Because I'm always travelling light so it fits perfectly in the airplanes top shelf, so I don't need to take huge luggages. It has proven it self more than capable as a travel companion.

When I'm cycling, it carries my stuff tightly in my back comfortably and it really doesn't matter if it rains or shines, it simply works.

It has the little flaw that people have been complaining in the "critics" section, the closing of the bag needs serious improvements.

long story short: best backpack out there. Simple, elegant, durable. Thank you Brooks for doing this rucksack.


Written by Jan De Kezel from Belgium 11/8/2012

I'm the happy owner of this rucksack and really like it. It's practical and beautiful.
I second the one piece of criticism here, which is that the small strip to close the rucksack doesn't hold. Can you please suggest a solution - other than buying the new design where you've replaced the small strap with a big hook. Good for the future customers, but I'd like to enjoy me current one.

Is there anything you can suggest? Or sell an additional piece of hardware or better replacement spare part? I've tried with an additional knot but thats cumbersome.

Written by Jonathan Minguez from USA 9/23/2012

I think the Islington Rucksack is an amazing, stylish yet very practical bag. My only suggestion would be to ad another adjustable strap to secure the closing of the bag.

Written by siavash rahbari from USA 7/25/2012

Great bag, except for the clasp. I'm happy to see that it is being redesigned. It is a major pain. I have tried looping the extra bit of strap through the same loop, which works decently well, but it is a very imperfect solution. I will likely have to purchase some hardware and rejig the thing. I would wait until the new design to purchase one of these. I consider it a major design flaw and wonder how its not a big deal to the folks calling it the best bag ever.

Written by Oliver Knight from France 7/8/2012

I've seen examples of this rucksack both with and without the large Brooks logo on the outer flap, are the examples with the logo older models? I'm very interested in the bag but would prefer it without the logo as currently shown on your site, if I order it directly from you am I right in thinking that it will be the model without the large logo?

A> This year's model is without the logo, if you have seen one with a logo, you are seeing last year's model. Thanks!

Written by Chris Tragos from USA 4/12/2012

A front clasp that slips out seems like a bad idea for an active biking backpack. Is that something you are going to fix with the other commenter's idea = a locking clasp similar to the shoulder clasp? Or do you have some other way of making the product function better?

A> The Islington is currently being redesigned, but by tightening the slack on the loops you should be able to get a snug fit.  

Written by Martyn Gasson from Australia 5/18/2011

Now what parts are leather, and what parts are waxed cotton?

A> The leather parts are on the base and front of the bag, also the straps and strap attachment points.

Written by ryan prasad from usa 2/7/2011

Q> will you be making this in honey color?

A> Not yet, but a version coming out next year will be in moss canvas with brown leather.  Thanks for the feedback!